Wednesday, January 19


Leah Hopp, Uganda

“Alakara akidol Ekaru ngolo Kitete! Happy New Year! Praise God for bringing us through another year and sustaining us to continue sharing the Good News of God with us! ...There is much hope and expectation as we begin a new year. I will be able to spend more time in the villages with my team and conducting trainings over the next couple of months which I’m really looking forward to. Please pray for wisdom as I guide my team.”


Barbara Hanna

January 15

Barbara died at 9:30 Monday, January 3.

Barb was born in the United States and studied nursing and Bible in Philadelphia. She joined (CIM) OMF after graduation and went to Thailand in 1954. Barb and Grant were married in 1956. They worked in South Thailand for 11 years, Grant in literature and Barb nursed. They moved to Bangkok and Grant was involved in OMF Publishers. Barb continued nursing in various places as needed. In 1988 Grant was diagnosed with two potentially fatal conditions and they returned to Canada. Grant died in 1997.

Barbara was buried at the Westminster Cemetery on Monday, Jan 10, at 11am.  
There will be a Zoom funeral next Monday, January 17 at 2pm 


Luke & Yuko Elliot

January 13

Thank you for your prayer concerning the snow load danger on the old main building. We finally had two or three days of thaw leading up to camp. A great deal of the snow melted and, on the second day of camp, the rest of it slid off the roof.

Carluci and Christina dos Santos

January 12

I am sending you some pictures of our ministry trip to Santo Domingo. It was a great joy to have Christina and the two girls with me visiting this church and their social project in a very impoverished area. It was a very moving and touching experience to see these kids express their faith and even praying and blessing us.
We did have an excellent family time and sunny holiday as well. Too bad Nicoli and her husband Erik could not join us because of their work. 


Luke and Yuko Elliot

• that James and Maki Buss have joined our ministry team and were able to find a home that suits them well
• That our architect has been very helpful and accommodating in the face of the many challenges inhibiting our building project 

Hanneke Cost Budde

January 10

Once again, warm greetings and a very happy, belated , New Year!
I know it has been a few months since my last news letter. Sometimes it is not easy to keep up with letter writing. Life has been very hectic over these past months:

- The building of the small house was a huge job and I had to supervise all the workers and making sure that the right materials were used. Every day I had 8 to 22 workers at my home. We had rune out of rainwater and I had to buy bottled water for all these workers as the weather was extremely hot. It was urgent to get this done as we only had 2 bedrooms for the girls and baby Daniel. All the boys were planning to come home over Christmas, which was wonderful!! But I had to make sure that the building would be ready for them.
- I was teaching at the Bible school for 2 weeks. We had some new students and they are so motivated to study God’s word. It is a delight to teach them and to have open discussions and good questions. Three students have graduated this las year. Our next semester starts next week and we hope to get new students for the first year. I have finished the translation of the first part of the Old Testament survey and just need to make a few corrections. Then I will print it out and bind it for each of the students.
- I also needed to work on getting my retirement visa… This was a bit of a challenge. However, it really is the Lord we serve. He knows the heart of men. I will just continue to serve our wonderful and faithful God.
- As usual, the Lord provides: I went to the immigration office in Tabora. The new head of our immigration was a man who used to work in Shinyanga and he remembered me quite well. We even helped Joram, an albino student, together. Joram is now a lawyer! We had a great talk and I was sent to another office where I received all the needed help. God is good! I needed to get a police report from the head office in Dar es Salaam. For this I had to go to our regional police office to get my fingerprints and application for this report done. I had to go at least 4 times. My finger prints are so light that they were not readable. The police officers at the forensic office were so nice and we had a great time at their office. They were so helpful. Finally, it took 3 officers to try and get my finger prints. Not just my fingers were covered with ink but my whole hand! I asked if I could take a video and put it on YOUTUBE! We all had a good laugh and yes we succeeded! They brought me soap and water to clean my hands.
- Getting supplies, transport, paying the workers, etc. was a huge job and we had quite a few challenges. One major issue was the window panes that had to be put into their frames. I had to pay for special putty. It is quite expensive and has to come from Arusha. The first bucket was completely cracked. “No problem! It will be fine!” The result was that when the house was to be used, the window panes came out as the putty was bad! They did come and fix it without any extra charges.
- I had a couple of trips: First I had to pick up Christina (Kiri) on November 25th. She has finished her Secondary school and is still waiting for the results.
Baraka had to be picked up on December 1st. His marks have improved but the teachers want to meet with us when I take him back this coming week. He is more helpful, spends more time at home and has done all the homework that he was given!
Faraja came home on December 10th.
Kiri’s family wanted her to come for a visit. She is 18 and she wanted to try to go for the visit. Before we dropped her off I took Baraka, Faraja, Kiri and Jacky with Daniel to Mwanza, where we stayed for 3 nights at a nice hotel where they have a swimming pool. We celebrated our family birthday there and we had a great time. We spend one day visiting the orphanage where I am helping 2 of the handicapped kids: Kashinje and Sayi. I was able to buy a walker for Sayi. (The boy who had fell out of a tree and broke his spine. He somehow manages to move his legs by using his hips)
The kids had made a collection of their clothes that were still good but were too small. The kids helped me pick out treats and sodas for all the 78 kids who were there. I also left some money for other needs of the two kids. Everyone was so happy to see us and they made us lunch and sang for us. I always hope that my kids will realize how God provided for them by not having to be in an orphanage where there are workers coming and going, where the food is very basic, and where some of the medical care is lacking.
On the way back we visited with Kiri’s aunt and Kiri stayed with them for a couple of days. The visit was a great success and she is now more often in touch with them by phone.
Covid is also playing havoc here. However, most people are still not using masks, there is no social distancing and we have packed crowds in churches, at soccer games and other gatherings, I decided not to attend church with the kids. We watched services from Canada and had our prayers at home. Christmas was great. Mahona joined us for Christmas eve and Mfaume had also showed up. We had a few small gifts like a t-shirt and pens. They were so happy! However, after Christmas we had a party at friends where two of the people have been struggling with Covid. I got sick 2 days later. Little Daniel also had a fever but after taking some anti biotics and extra vitamins, he is doing great! He plays, drinks well, giggles and tries to talk. So cute!
It has taken me to get my energy and my appetite back after 2 weeks but I still cough a lot. God is so good!

These are the latest adventures. May the Lord bless each of you and may you experience peace in your hearts during these trying times! Hold on to God’s promises:
Mathew 11:28 “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” 


Mary Jane Fandrich

January 1

Thank you Walmart, my reticent Afghani neighbors crossed paths and greeted me happily. It was our first personal meeting in three weeks since the misunderstanding about a housing visit. (That story some day.) This morning, Stolen in hand, I returned to the door to wish them Merry Christmas, and met the other ‘father’, husband’, ‘cousin’ ? and we had a chat about the former unfortunate meeting.
Upon a return from the garbage, we met briefly again on the walk, and he asked about the Stolen! Did I make it? It was very good! God has his ways and means!
Another pleasant Stolen delivery to my Mexican (little English) neighbor who invited me before Christmas to her church Hispanic Christmas Party: paella (?): good food, no one spoke English, good Christmas story in Spanish, lots (!) of children, and the English teacher was happy to receive some copies of Bible story books I keep in supply. When the dancing started, my friend took me home.
A visit to another Afgan family found two teenage boys bored during the long Christmas holiday. I’m hoping to deliver a Crokinole game some time later, and a Stollen to wish them Happy New Year.
The Gospel is deliberately delivered with every visit, occasionally with scripture if Arabic is possible, or simply the offering that we are so glad that Jesus the Messiah has brought them to us to share His love and peace.
There are seven or eight families with whom personal visiting has been repeatedly possible including meals, tea, and extended conversation. They see Jesus repeatedly coming to them.
And it’s Christmas! So a peep behind the scenes:
Five Days of Over the Top Family
Home time at Christmas 2021
We were sixteen, 8 grandchildren: Anna and Esther (Christina and Stefan); Grace, Sophie, and Matthew (Eric and Midori); Theo, Nicolas, and Alan (David and Asako) plus a friend from university with Esther. We ate a lot, thanks to Asako’s expertise in the kitchen, we jammed a lot thanks to Christina and years of violin lessons for all the kids, and spent a wonderful morning watching the kids throw each other and the dogs into David’s heated pool. I just watched from the safety of the Jacuzzi.
God has blessed us excessively. Stefan and Theo chewed over the doings of the stock market, and Theo beat everyone who opposed him at Crokinole, our favorite Canadian game (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crokinole).
Eric and Midori and family had flown all the way from Langley, British Columbia, where they now reside, and Stefan and Christina drove the 17 hours from Upland, Indiana.
Theo flew in from San Francisco where he now works.
The whole time was a big pleasure just watching the whole troupe play.
Stefan or Theo or David picked me up every morning for five mornings to watch and enjoy the company and shenanigans. Suddenly, as we sat down to eat (again) my cell phone brought the voice of Khalad, “Where are you! I haven’t seen you in three days.” He’s unwittingly calling for Jesus, Who lives in me!
We met subsequently at his apartment to meet, unexpectedly, a young man he had met at the mosque, from Britain, English speaking and we shared the Gospel again
God has place me with people newly arrived from Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Ethiopia, Eritrea, with a good group of Spanish speakers, from Mexico, and a good group of American Africans.
Lots of children in the playground and swimming pool. Lots of opportunity to share God’s love and peace that we enjoy so much.
As we step into the New Year, may we know God’s Presence and Goodness in our lives. 


Hanneke Cost Budde

December 31

After a recent dinner party, I  started feeling totally wiped out, like having a bad cold. I found out that one fellow who has not been well had gone to a fully packed church. Daniel also was sick the day after and had a high fever. He started coughing. I took Jacky and him to the hospital. He is on antibiotics and extra vitamins. I feel a lack of energy and sleep a lot.
The bishop is also sick...who knows how many will be affected!?
Have a wonderful New Year! We will have pizza and extra snacks and ice cream soon. I will have another snooze now...

Elizabeth Matthias

December 25

Long overdue, let me give you the urgent news first--I'm still in Munich and have postponed my home service to the summer, the Lord willing. This is not due to any concerns regarding the covid virus, though that helped to confirm the change of plans, but due to counseling and mentoring responsibilities. I do regret any inconvenience this has caused. I hope you can forgive me for not having written earlier.

I guess it's obvious that my prayer letters do not conform to the norm. With these letters I have taken the opportunity to think from the micro to the macro level, trying to understand the times in which we live and the challenges faced to live to the glory of God. This takes time for me to process, especially these days--there's so much going on. Attached in my prayer letter is my take on our current challenges. 


Laurie Armstrong

December 23

As I look back on the past year, my heart is filled with thankfulness at all that God has done and what he has
allowed me to experience. In no particular order, here are just a few of this year’s joys:
o A milestone year of celebrating 40 years of ministry with Power to Change
o Many students ending their semesters as new followers of Christ!
o Many students deepening their experience of walking with and trusting God when everything else has
been getting turned upside down
o My “happy place” of editing for P2C-Students, especially our student blog, where this year, we were
able to publish several series: mental health, celebrating creation (including my first official blog piece,
“Cultivating celebration in my garden”), and global missions
o Connecting with loved ones, both in-person and virtually (thank God for Zoom and Google Hangouts!)
A personal highlight this year has a history going back to my U of Ottawa days, when I decided to create a holiday
experience for a roommate from Austria. We both invited a couple of international students we had met on campus,
who then asked if we had room for a few of their friends, and before we knew it, our living room was bursting at
the seams! This became a tradition that continued throughout the rest of my time there. I’m usually away for
holidays now, so haven’t done anything similar here in Guelph. But when my sister asked me several years ago if
I thought that we could do the same thing at her home and if I was willing to help, I leapt at the opportunity! It is
always a joy to see the impact of loving hospitality, beginning but not ending with a holiday meal. Many students
over the years have become friends. Several have made decisions to follow Jesus.
This year, we were able to host two Iranian grad-student couples for Thanksgiving. We made apple pies together
in the afternoon and had a lovely time around the dinner table. Lots of laughter, and even some tears (the
conversation got unusally deep for a first meeting). After we drove one of the couples home and were heading
over to drop off Leila and Nasir (names changed for their protection), Nasir shared, “I’ve never been interested
in religion, but there’s something about what I saw of Christ today that makes me want to know more. This
is a day I’ll never forget.” Leila and Nasir have both come to church several times since then. I’ve also been
working on getting Nasir connected with some Christian soccer players via Athletes in Action. Leila is joining my
family for the Christmas weekend while Nasir is back in Iran for his mom’s surgery. Please pray for Leila and Nasir
as they come closer and closer to a relationship with Christ.
I am so thankful for all that God has done. It is in the challenges and disappointments of this year, however, that I
have most come to appreciate in a new way the miracle of the Word who became flesh and made his dwelling
among us. As we live in this world between two Advents, in the often painful experience of life lived in the hope of
what we do not yet see, I am so thankful for that first Advent of the Emmanuel who is with us and for us, whose
light has not, can not be overcome, and from whose love we can never be separated.
Please join me in praying:
o for Nasir and Leila as they come closer and closer to a relationship with Christ.
o for the remaining writing and editing of our January blog series, Life on Mission. That it would be helpful
for students reaching out in love to their peers, both near and far.
o for January campus outreaches, especially the Relevant series in Toronto and Montreal. For receptive
and response hearts.
o for students as they consider and apply for summer mission trips, both national and international (still
projected to be in-person trips, though that could change.)
Thank you for your faithfulness and participation in what God is doing on Canadian campuses! May
your Christmas and 

Mary Jane Fandrich

December 21

How is it that the world is in such a mess?
There’s nothing to buy or eat for the man on the street in Beirut. Do gooders slosh money around, and it accomplishes nothing for life and health. Twenty years of “nation building” falls apart in a matter of days.
A neighbor rushes to your door accusing you of attacking his pregnant wife and frightening her. You wonder how your quietly proffered offer of help to find lodging for his family could be so greatly mistaken.
Invitations to Thanksgiving dinner and sharing acquaintance with the neighborhood is shunned and refused because ‘men’s’ voices were heard in the party.
As we gather around our delightfully decorated Christmas celebrations, let us remember that our only calling is to witness to the Love and Peace that are present in our Lord Jesus. He is the Bread of Life, “If anyone eats of this Bread, he will live forever and the Bread that I give is my body……”. Jesus said some amazing things that were very hard to digest. He also forthrightly warned that His followers, when those who do not know Him kill them, thinking that they are doing God a favor, will be walking in the steps of their Savior, Who is our ultimate goal.
As was recently proclaimed by a young pastor, Advent is not about the birth of the Messiah Jesus, but about His return which is imminently desired and expected! King of kings and Lord of lords, Hallelujah!! 

Norine Love

May the hope and peace of Christ prevail and bless many through the joyful witness of His children. Norine for KWM

Sylvia Dresser

December 19

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death, on them a light has dawned. Is. 9:2
This has indeed been a year of darkness for many. Separation from loved ones, death from Covid, or weather catastrophies, famine or war. BUT:
Jesus came. “he humbled himself and became obedient to death ¬--- even death on a cross! Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”
Light has dawned! Jesus has come! Rejoice, and again I say, REJOICE!!!

News from Papua –our co-worker of many years, Dominggus Mayor died, as did one of his sons, Caleb. We also grieved at the death of Yos Ondi, and his daughter Ice. Covid got to Papua and may have caused some of these deaths. But there has also been good news. Sam and Kari Bruce are making good progress in their language and culture study in Saman, and hope to soon be ready to begin translation in the language of the people God sent us to in 1959. In another tribe, the Auyu, where TEAM worked in the 1960’s ,Korean translator Mysook has completed the book of Genesis and it has been printed. She hopes to complete the New Testament translation by 2023. An Ethnos couple are preparing to move to the second dialect of Auyu. The largely untrained church leaders in the south coast tribes need the Scriptures in their own languages.
Here at home in Canada I am getting older and stiffer and slower. So my project of writing a history of TEAM’s work on the south coast is also moving slowly. A I did have a vegetable garden and spent about 5 weeks at the cottage at Restoule. My family have decided that I should no longer do the 6 hour drive myself so they drove me and my car up. With my four new joints I was pretty pleased that before I returned I was able to do a little solo paddling of my canoe.
Most of my family are well. Mark’s wife, Joyce, got a mild case of Covid about 7 months ago, but has still not recovered from the intense fatigue and weakness. They have had to repeatedly cancel plans to go places like the cottage and other things. Cassy, Tim’s wife didn’t have enough room in Waterloo for her gardening so they bought a second home in Leamington and spent most of the summer there.
Jean continues her physiotherapy clinic and recently returned from doing her second Ironman race in Mexico. She reported that the swim part was lovely, but the cycling part was done in a tropical downpour and the running part was hard because the water they needed to drink ran out. Her son, Dani, and daughter Sandra are both living at home. Dani works remotely, and Sandra is studying business courses and working at Jean’s clinic.
David and Jenny in London saw their daughter Paige get married to Kyle in an outdoor celebration which was very nice. So all 3 of their children are now married. Jenny (a nurse) is back at University for a course in wound care and works a few shifts a week as well so is very busy. David work from home and spends his free time – those who know him can finish that sentence. Yes, he plays in a couple of small bands and George is also involved in one of them.
Andrew is still working remotely and since the pandemic started has been seeing very few people. Because of the meds he needs for the transplant, even with Covid immunization, his immunity is questionable. Sara and her partner have bought a house. Nate is working for Tesla at present.
George has had a busy year. Besides seeing patients virtually, he is also on call at his hospital, and exposed to Covid patients. He did get away a few times to the cottage at Restoule, including one trip in a snowstorm with his youngest son Kieran when they got stuck with the help of a GPS on a snowmobile trail. They were eventually rescued by a snowmobile trail groomer. Later son Liam went up and went through the ice on the lake –just one foot. George spent a few days at the cottage with me during the summer. 

Jim Mason

December 19

Please find attached my latest Literature Update and Family News.


Jim Mason

December 19

Please find attached my latest Literature Update and Family News. In the photo you get a true impression all the commentaries that have been produced.

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