Friday, June 14

Aina Dobilaite

“We are working on pub-lishing a psalter. Singing psalms is a new thing for the Reformed Church in Lithuania, but it’s a great way to get the Bible into the people. In June, with God’s help, I want to take a couple more psalms and put them to melody. I am also working on editing the existing psalms and preparing them for pub-lishing. Please pray for creativity, wisdom, and God’s blessing in this project.” (Aina was in Knox choir several years ago and returned home to fulltime church ministry.)

Missions Hub

At the Missions Hub, we love how discipleship and prayer are a huge part of what we do. At our monthly Luke 10:2 gatherings, we continue to learn and pray together through recent themes of "Waiting and Discerning with the Lord," "From Lament to Joy in Missions," and "God at Work Among Rohingya Peoples." We thank God for these regular spaces of learning, equipping, and interceding for the nations. Pray for good rest for our leaders as we take a break in June, and for wisdom as we plan forward for the coming year.

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel

May 28

How we'd love to invite you to sit with us in the kitchen, for some meaningful conversation over a cup of delicious Colombian coffee -- (or hot tea or a cold drink, if you'd prefer).

Over the years, our cozy, round kitchen table has become a place of loving belonging, daily nurture, and the kind of fellowship that deepens relationships with each other, as well as with family, friends, and neighbors.

The table is also an important metaphor and symbol for our lives and ministry at this particular moment in time. If you would kindly open the attachment, we'll tell you why.

If you are unable to open the attachment, we want to specifically ask for your prayers for Mary Anne’s computer. As most of you know, she is writing a book about the spiritual journey, with illustrations from her own life. For the last ten days, the program she is using keeps stalling or shutting down. Two consultations with competent computer specialists were disappointing. They could see the problem but were unable to find a solution. It has been a time-consuming source of great frustration and no writing is getting done. Thanks for praying! 

Sylvia Dresser

May 23

"Everything went well with my heart operation today. Thanks for praying. I'm home but still feeling stupid from the anesthetic."

Hanneke Cost Budde

May 17

"Hi again! Yes I was feeling better but now I am not doing so well. I think my Covid came back with a vengeance. Feeling tired, sweaty, congested. Just love my bed! I had to skip my classes today. Thanks for your prayers!

"But some good news: This is Mfaume's first day of his research project [photo] as a pharmacist."

Carluci & Christina dos Santos

May 16

We praise God for the good number of attendants and the great time studying the letter of Paul to Philemon, in Toronto (April 26-27), and in Montreal (April 29-30).
We had about 50 participants at the workshop in Toronto and nearly 30 in Montreal. We are very encouraged for we had several pastors join us in both workshops and have their support to start the small preaching groups in their churches. Three of them (including myself) already have started these small groups associated with our local churches. As you can see in the picture we have several ladies and young men also attending the workshops and accepting the challenge of becoming expository preachers of the Word of God.

Please pray for the logistics of setting up and keeping these preaching groups ongoing.

Since March, I have been able to attend five prayer breakfasts. I was at the Toronto Prayer breakfast in March; and at the Canadian National Christian leaders breakfast, in Ottawa. PM Justin Trudeau and Pierre Polievere (leader of the Opposition) also attended that breakfast (along with other MPs) and they all heard the gospel and songs of worship. I also attended three prayer breakfasts with Spanish leadership in the GTA), one every month. There is a sense of the need to ask God for forgiveness and to work towards Christian unity. God is moving in our midst! 

Sylvia Dresser

May 14

Remember Sylvia: "They cancelled my heart operation for the May 9th and it is now scheduled for May 23rd, Apparently they wanted a different type of valve than usual. Guess that's because I'm a bit odd??"

Luke ^ Yuko Elliot

May 11

We are painfully conscious that this Prayer Letter is long, long overdue and apologize for the drought of information. For a short while after our last Prayer Letter in November it didn't seem that there was really much to report and then, all at once, it seemed that there was much too much to report and every effort to write it down and select photos ended with me being overwhelmed by some new project.

Mary Jane Fandrich

To Die For

Key lime pie and chocolate mint ice cream, ‘to die for’.

Some would wear a bomb filled belt and make Islam to die for.

God’s word by Zechariah says, “Not by might nor by power, but by my
Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts. That’s the prophet Zachariah, son of Berekiah,
whom Jesus notes, was murdered in the temple for his witness about 500 years
before Jesus’ arrival. The prophet Micah about 200 years before Zechariah
predicts the details of the coming of a ruler, from a minor town called Bethlehem,
in Judah. Matthew in Jesus Messiah’s time tells us that an entourage from the
East arrived with politically disturbing news asking for the whereabouts of the
birth of the King of the Jews. They were directed to Bethlehem, because that’s
where the prophet said He would be born, a short trip from Jerusalem.
A researcher named Luke of the same time records the reports (which he could
have received from Mary, mother of Jesus) that Jesus, the Savior, was born and
witnessed by shepherds after a huge angelic alert to the happening.

So why all these details? Believing all this stuff is not automatic. One individual
Insisted that he would not believe until he had visual and tactile proof. To him Jesus
said “ Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed” John 20:29
This week is Mother’s Day celebration in Beirut, and the American Women’s Club
was planning a lovely luncheon. Via WhatsApp, I wished I could join them in more
than just spirit, and I shared that I had warm memories of my grandparent’s home
in Bab Touma, Damascus. There was a quick response from two of them that they
had been in Bab Touma, so I shared with them the text of Jesus interaction with
Thomas and texted the passage from John 20. I just happened to have been
memorizing it in Arabic that morning.
We who have believed without seeing are blessed indeed.


Enjoy a few minutes to review this YouTube video-testimony of Mahona completed five years ago. The message remains strong. Mahona now is a teacher and spends his evenings working at a children's orphanage.

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