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Paul & Mary Beth McLean

June 16

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Margaret MacKay

As I, Margaret Mackay, approach my 99th birthday - Saturday, July 7th , I want to express my gratitude to all of you for being on this long, life journey with me.
In place of a large gathering or even smaller gatherings.... (some of the challenges of getting older is more limited energy, hearing and mobility)...I thought I would write a letter to each one of you sharing my reflections on turning 99. That is a lot of history - world, family ,friends - to absorb and be grateful for. The world has changed a lot over the years...but these things remain:
> the enormous importance of community - always..
> the joy of living simply, gratefully and with purpose
> the abiding strength and hope of faith
Let us continue to give thanks and pray for each other as our journeys unfold.
Peng-an..and thank you,
Margy (Margaret Lucy Mackay) 


Reflections on Turning 99

Stay, stranger, stay
as you are passing by.
As you are now
so once was I.

As I am now
you soon may be
Oh,then, prepare to follow me.

This is a poem from a park in Hong Kong that we, the Mackay family, visited many years ago. It seems a fitting way to begin a small reflection on turning 99.

I am grateful for so many things. This treasure trove of memories of growing up with my siblings in Tamsui..what a gift that was. We thought Tamsui was the most wonderful place on earth. And then my brothers and sisters and I went to the Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan, as boarders. That was another adventure. It was a four day trip on a ship..we travelled second class (with cabins and bunks) and went to the dining room for Japanese-style meals. The Canadian Academy was made up mostly of Canadian and American families who lived in Japan. We had our larks and lots of fun memories…along with having a pretty strong academic tone. We wrote the Ontario Provincial exams..and we always did well.

We were born with this wonderful Mackay history of George Leslie Mackay, our grandfather..our missionary roots and life..our families in Taiwan and in Canada. The whole Church connection was simply part of our heritage. Our family home in Tamsui has been made into a museum: Mackay Memorial Museum. For us, it was our much-loved home where we as a family lived and loved. I feel we grew up with two homelands: Formosa (now Taiwan) and Canada. What a gift!

It is impossible to sum up a whole long life…I find it ‘ridiculous’ that I am turning 99..and, yet, I think of the Winnie the Pooh line: I didn’t know we were making memories, I thought we were just having fun. Over the years, there were, of course, many joys and sorrows: all the history involved in living from 1919 to now; my siblings and I growing up and leaving home; the death of our much-loved brother, Leslie, during World War II (1942); the death of our father (1963) and our leaving Taiwan as a family (1968); wonderful friends made and enjoyed ; the various places that we Mackay sisters lived in Toronto..with our mother for a while until her death (1969); the many pets we loved over all the years: our favourite Tamsui dog – Samuel Samson Samkin de Daniel to the last dog we brought to keep our mother company in Canada– Parka. Anna and I have always had a cat to entertain us. Misty is my much-loved cat who gives me much joy right now.

We were all blessed to do what we loved: Anna – teaching; Ross – a world-recognized geologist; Isabel – a nurse; and I retired from the Admin. Office of U.of T. with people I loved to work with. Knox Presbyterian Church has always been our home Church and our faith home…from beginning to end…and always,
we stayed connected to Taiwan and our many friends there and here.

Mostly, I feel great gratitude for Tamsui, Taiwan, and all we lived there and the rich Mackay heritage we inherited. I feel blessed with a lifetime of wonderful friends and family – including all of you who are reading this. In my old age, I am also grateful beyond measure to those dear friends and workers who have helped me live so well in my own home. You all have my deep thanks for sharing this life journey with me..and faith sustains it all.

And so I close with the Traveller’s Psalm that we Mackays always sang when we were going on a trip (for example, when we went off to school or on furlough):

The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in
From this time forth,
And even for evermore.
(Ps. 121)

Peng-an…and great blessings on your journey,

Leah Hopp

June 15

Will you please pray for my travels to the States from July 7th-17th to visit with some supporters. I will also get a few chances to informally debrief some difficult situations on the Uganda mission.
Thank you for your prayers. 

Hanneke Cost Budde

June 25

Today we are having a feast for Mfaume to celebrate Eid. Sorry baba Kuku won't be here! 😂
Jacky is home and so the family is almost complete. Baraka has to stay at school for his final exam.
Mahona cannot come as he is preparing another presentation.
Kathrin, Thomas and I are very busy at Malumba clinic. We had several difficult cases as well as 3 cancer patients who were not given the right diagnosis and now their cancers have spread. We are trying to get them to a decent hospital but some lack the finances and beside prayer there is nothing we can do more.
We had to take a very sick child to a private hospital on Wednesday. He has sickle cell anemia and had almost no blood so I took him and his father in my car. We didn't have to wait as I met with a doctor who knows me and so he was put on a bed even before he was registered!
Then Kathrin and I met with the head of the hospital and they wanted Kathrin to come and work there. We Planned that Kathrin will work there one day on the 26th. The doctors are to gather some patients that have recurrent skin problems or a skin disease they do not understand how to treat. Kathrin will examine these patients together with the doctors and teach while doing these examinations and treatments.
Pray for Scott and Cassie, fellow workers here in Tabora. Their co-worker Meshaki who was helping with evangelism was killed with machetes. Pray for safety of Scott and Cassie and for the wife and kids who are now mourning the loss of their father/husband.

Yesterday I prepared 12kg beef to last for the next 3 months. I made 6 pkg of ground beef and cleaned and cut up the beef filet. I made broth from bones and tough pieces that the kids will enjoy this morning together with japaties that Naomi and Ngassa are preparing. Ngassa added some carrots and potatoes to the stew. Karibu sana!  


Sylvia Dresser

June 14

Jared Riepma has begun coaching a futsal team at the Merauke prison.
Pray this outreach will lead to relationships and opportunities to present Christ to these men. There are plans for the church leadership from Manokwari to hold revival meetings in Saman in July or August.
Logistics are difficult. 

Xerggyo and Hil

June 14

Time is running out on their visa application. Please pray.

During the recovery of his back surgery, Xerggyo took up painting and sketching. Here are some of his works.


David Kawere

Ruth Thomson's African connection
June 13

Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
First and Foremost thank you for your Financial support towards me , Thank you for being a Family to me
Im well and Currently in Kenya helping at the Orphanage and Giving diacipleship classe
I Thank God the Response has been good
Am also doing an online course with University of Nairobi
Please keep praying for the days ahead for safety ,strength and open doors
Keep praying that my dream of seeing Nations come to Jesus comes to its fulfilment
I Thank You and I appreciate all your doing for me and the support 

Gord & Brenda Nickerson

June 12

Following our recent May staff conference I was sitting at the dining room table in Amy's flat in Czech Republic, as we both worked on our computers. Amy was editing a newsletter for a new Czech national staff, Katerina, reflecting on her first experience with Josiah Venture. I thought you'd enjoy listening in for a moment...

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel

June 12

Last week we sent you the text of Mary Anne’s first exposition on Isaiah 40. We were surprised but gratified with the number of you who replied with appreciation for our sharing this message with you all.

Yesterday, she gave the second, and last, exposition, this time on the second half of the chapter.

Because of the response we received last week I am sending you now the text of this second exposition. [Click below] It was a great blessing to so many in our congregation and I trust it will be an encouragement to you all, especially those who are dealing with difficult or seemingly impossible situations in your lives. He is able.

In a few minutes Mary Anne will leave for Toronto where she will participate in Geri Rodman’s retirement from 17 years of successful leadership of InterVarsity Canada.

She plans to attend Knox Presbyterian Church next Sunday (June 17th). I wish I could be there as well!

Our deep thanks to you all who continue to bless us with your prayers and support. 

Luke & Yuko Elliot

June 8

Please find attached our June prayer letter with many photos and few words.


Luke and Yuko Elliot

June 7

We give thanks for a good "ACC Sunday" on June 3 at Tsugaru Gospel Church where we preached, did the children's story, and gave a presentation on the Aomori Christian Center and our summer camp programs. Please pray that some children from this church's two congregations will attend camp and bring their friends.

Thank your for praying for the three JECA* congregations in Aomori City, for Yuko's elbow, for the causeway across the stream at ACC, and much more.
The meeting of May 20 took place and the plan put forward by the elders--1) for Evangelical Church of Aomori (ECA) to call as their new pastor Pastor Ashina of Asunaro Church and 2) for Asunaro Church to disband and its members to join ECA--was narrowly voted down in a vote that fell just short of the 75% vote needed to pass. This has thrown all three congregations into turmoil and is a serious blow to Pastor Ashina and his wife and to the future survival of the churches. Even when all three congregations worship together they only make up a gathering of about 50, and this in a city of over 200,000 in which there are only a handful of other churches of any description, all of them as small or smaller. Please pray that cool heads will prevail in the aftermath and that this will not lead to the disintegration of all three congregations. (ECA has a building but no pastor and no young families in the congregation. Asunaro Church has a pastor and a few young families but no place to meet because they used to meet in a large room in Pastor Ashina's house and that room is now needed for the 24hr care of Mrs. Ashina who was paralyzed after a stroke last year.)

Yuko's elbow and arm was in such a condition when she first went to the doctor that he was very concerned that there was a serious underlying issue beyond a mere infection. However, there was a very definite response to antibiotics and the tests all came back clear. The doctor then lanced Yuko's elbow and now, after over a week of commuting to the clinic daily to have here elbow "rung out" and to receive IV treatment, her elbow appears to be on the mend (although it is still very painful). She will visit the clinic again on Monday and we are praying that the doctor will give her the "all clear." Please especially pray for Yuko as her condition is all the more challenging in the midst of construction being done on the Staff House (including her pantry) in order to prepare the ground floor of the Staff House to serve as camp kitchen and dining hall. We are grateful for Yuko's mother who stayed on after the children's school sports festival in order to help Yuko manage the Staff House.
The matter of the causeway is on hold for now as it turns out there are too many city departments involved for a timely solution to be possible and we must now shift our attention to preparing for the summer camp season. Please especially pray that the Lord will raise up the people of His choosing to fill summer staff roles (especially the second kids' English Camp and the Kids' Bible camp, as we are still short staffed. Please pray for Yuko as she puts together the meal plans for three weeks of camp and for Luke as he prepares the messages for three of the camps and the programs for all four camps.
Please pray for the neighborhood children and our children's classmates who will be attending camp again this summer. Please pray that the seed of the gospel will fall in good soil and bear fruit in God's time.

John & Jane Reaves

June 6

We're down to the last few weeks of school. Just hope we get all the work done that needs to get done before the school term is finished. Jane & Jimmy are looking forward to returning to Canada. .Jimmy has enjoyed the school on Sundays when we attend the Int'l fellowship. The messages have been pretty good. I'm still on the speaking rotation at the local group where we still attend.

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel

June 5

A heart-felt praise: This past week, so many of you prayed for Mary Anne as she taught in our Tucson Congregation, on Isaiah 40:1-11. What a difference your prayers make! The Lord helped her prepare well and teach with great freedom. Those of us who heard her teach were blessed and encouraged by her faithful and practical exposition of that marvelous text.
Thank you for praying for her! If any of you would be interested, I have included the text of her message as an attachment, including her illustrative slides embedded in the manuscript as well as the Handout on Discovery Bible Study.
Would you consider praying for her yet again? Mary Anne is now preparing for her next message on Isaiah 40: 12-31, to be given this coming Sunday (June 10th).
Then, bright and early on June 11th (Monday) she will fly to Toronto to participate in Geri Rodman’s retirement bash as Geri prepares to step down as the very able President of Intervarsity Canada.
A quick correction: As you Torontonians must have guessed, our former letter needs a correction. Mary Anne will be attending the Knox Presbyterian Church on June 17th (Not May 17th as stated.)
Thank you all for your faithful friendship, your love for us and for our precious Lord 


Hanneke Cost Budde

June 3

I am finally back home.
After getting to TZ I had o go and pick up the kids. Got back the next day late afternoon and was exhausted...wonder why! Only got one speeding ticket in as I drove 64 in a 50 zone which was not clearly marked...sigh!
Today I had to do shopping for my household as tomorrow I am driving to Mwanza to pick up Kathrin on Monday....maybe another ticket????
On the 14th I have to pick up Jacky. She had to stay 2 extra weeks as she is preparing for the National exam. Back to Kahama again....another ticket??? 


Rosemary Walker

June 3

Hi from beautiful Montreal, where summer weather reigned this week. The lilacs and other flowering trees are just beautiful, and I often hear the birds twittering away in the trees just outside my window.

In May, I had students from Sudan, China, Mexico, Columbia, Syria, Rwanda and Haiti, although attendance has been low - one to six students per class. One young mother from Taiwan and our eldest student, Grandpa Emmanuel from Rwanda, have been the most faithful lately. Emmanuel understands more of what he hears in English now, and the Chinese lady has been on a roll to improve her English in view of the English proficiency test she took today. She is also keen to attend the new Bible class starting this Tuesday morning. So, there is reason for encouragement. We will now have six English classes and three French classes weekly.

Lesson preparation, the Friday food bank, a weekly visit (on the average) to an elderly person, figuring out my schedule for August (including my departure date for Korea), and a variety of other activities, calls and emails have kept me busy. My dear friend Susie and I have prepared hymns in French and English for our up-coming AIM Friends of Africa Fellowship on Saturday, June 16th, and we’ll sing a few verses in Swahili and Creole, too. This will be our last meeting before the summer, and my last for a while. I have been graciously invited to share at this gathering on my present ministry with Christian Direction and my next mission in Korea this fall.

The Friday food bank is going well. Yesterday, about 80+ came for food, and several took two big, full bags home. Altogether, well over 100 people, including volunteers, were served. My friend Lillian and I found ourselves on duty alone in the office, but we managed to register newcomers despite the absence of the two women who would normally keep us on track.  I’m thrilled that the Lord has touched Lillian’s heart to continue volunteering in the food bank office after my departure! (DV, I work until the end of July and fly from Montreal to Vancouver en route to Korea August 16th.)

Prayer Notes
1. Good lesson preparation for my last 2 months of language classes, and the Bible class beginning this Tues.
2. Good classes, and the Lord’s help in teaching students with various levels of competency in the same class.
3. That the Lord draw students to Himself as we pray for them and some read Bibles that they’ve received in Arabic or in English. May others also be hungry to take a Bible home and read it.
4. That the Lord bring other believers alongside my students and foodbank clients, as well as other newcomers and refugees in Montreal - to befriend them, help them surmount the many obstacles they face and to share His love and Word with them.
5. A Sudanese Muslim refugee, here with her three children, is struggling to learn French from zero while caring for her young autistic boy (even during class). Despite all, “Lucy” is very encouraged with her progress, and is already reaching out to speak with her neighbours in French.
6. Pray also for the Central African Country, which continues in a terrible state of conflict and chaos. For updates on the CAR in French or English, please contact dan@nations.org.uk.

On the 16th of this month, the last Friends of Africa Fellowship before the summer break is to be held, DV, at l’Église Baptiste de Rosemont. If you can come, please do. If not, please pray for the meeting, which will be held mainly in French this time, with a little English thrown in. A picnic will follow; or, in case of rain, we’ll have an agape meal at the church. May God use this fellowship to touch hearts to get more involved in His world -wide mission, especially in Africa.

Thanks for your prayers and faithful support of my ministry. Please feel free to call or write to share your prayer requests with me, too! 


Mhona Pascal    

June 1

I thank you for how they have touched my life. I am thankful for their influence on my life. I am thankful that they are there to talk to, to give me advice, and to share in the good and the hard. I am so thankful that they are steadfast in their relationship with You, and I am beyond thankful for how they pray for me as I continue to do my studies here, I am thankful for their support in my studies and life, and how they share with me what You are teaching them and ask what you are teaching me.
I pray for them as they navigate their life right now. I pray that they stay focused on You voice, and they have full and complete confidence in following where You lead them.
I pray they sit with You. I pray that they just enjoy the peace and love that is felt when sitting in Your presence. I pray that as life gets increasingly streassful and busy, they don’t forget that You are the most important priority. I pray they find as much joy as I do in spending time with You. I pray that it’s never enough, I pray that You grow their longing for You, I pray that they desire an ever increasing time with I pray they see and understand how we need daily time with you. Lord, you have shown me this past semester how wonderful You are. We need Your joy, Your patience and love. We need Your presence with us always, and I pray that my friends and family see and understands that.
Lord I pray for their family, I pray that You grow them together, and that You are in the center of every relationship. I pray that they come together as often as they can to share what You are teaching them individually. I pray they push each other and build each other up into You.
I pray for those they know who don’t know You I pray for their salvation. I pray they have their hearts and minds opened to You. I pray that my friends and family are not afraid of sharing you with them. I pray they don’t worry about what their friends would think, how they would be received I pray they trust that no matter what happens, You are in the middle of it and use whatever happens to grow and mold both of them in You. I pray they have the courage and bravery to step out into faith and they accept the discomfort that comes with following You. I also need you Lord in my walk and please give me courage to dive in your Word everyday as I continue to trust You. Help me to do well in my studies thought I have 7 difficult courses this semester.
Lord, I thank you for my friends and family. I am so grateful You placed them in my life and that we are able to grow together in You. I cannot wait for the sweet time we will have when we see each other next and I am so thankful You have given us such a sweet friendship. 

Xerggyo & Hil

May 31

We are arriving at home,
the travel by train was good. But the student visa, is possible but extremely expensive.

The work permit visa, is possible, there is no problem with that, the only
complication is to find a contract with the company, hopefully tomorrow or Monday I will have
an appointment with the owner to ask if he can contract me at the company.

Please join us by prayer for this situation,
we need to find the contract of work at the company, then can apply for work permit visa.

That is the last chance we have, to continue in this country. 

Carluci dos Santos

May 29

The visit to Barranquilla was excellent. We is attached with our missionaries, Bravo's families. I was able to speak three times at different events, including a couples' ministry.
We arrived in Maracaibo, Venezuela, yesterday afternoon after a very difficult time crossing the border. In the afternoon we visited a children's food program in the city of Maracaibo. This program assists about a hundred fifty kids in Sugar occasions and they provide meals everyday, one meal per day. It is so beautiful to see the kids, so happy, so thankful. It was heartbreaking to hear from the program coordinators that they have to close the gates of the church because they are so many kids wanting to join the others but they don't have enough food for everyone.
We will be going to a pastor's meeting this morning. They expect 50-60 pastors. We were able to bring a razor for each pastor. This is a rare item here and it can cost about a month's wages.
After this meeting we had to the city of San Cristobal where we will visit with another pastor and his family and his congregation. Tomorrow morning we cross the border back to Colombia and onto our flights to Toronto. We are planning to have dinner Jorge and Gail Atiencia just before our flight.
Thank you for your prayers and support. 


Jim Mason

May 28

Click below for my June prayer calendar.


Hanneke Cost Budde

May 28

Thanks for a great furlough and reconnecting with my old friends and making many new friends.
Pray for safety as I have to do quite a bit of driving, picking up kids and driving to Mwanza to pick up Dr. Kathrin.
Pray for the work in the villages and for Thomas, my co-worker who has been holding the fort. 

Ruth Thomson

May 27

The P----- are being evangelized in Kayapó, a foreign language to most of them; they desperately need a translation team, and the door is open now. Pray for a team. And please pray for a course for indigenous translators held in July. There are 4 Kayapó men and one S---- woman who want to go but need funding. The Kayapó would be doing Old Testament translation if the way opens up.

Luke and Yuko Elliot

May 27

We have been greatly blessed by a Korean short term mission team from YWAM Toronto. During there week here they were able to do an art project in the chapel lobby (special murals to beautify the ugly and moldy plywood divider walls), host a Korea Night at the Evangelical Church of Aomori, and join together for worship and fellowship with the College & Career group that has met at ACC in the past. Please pray that the many new friendships they made here will serve to build up Christ's Church in Japan and a spirit of mission at home in Korea and Canada. We hope to send out a Prayer L
Please pray for Yuko's arm which become quite badly infected a few days after she hit her elbow against a piece of wooden furniture. This incident serves to remind us how precarious our ministry programs are at our current level of staffing at ACC (just us two) . . . that we are always just one misstep away from having to cancel everything. So far she hasn't been hospitalized because the IV treatment and antibiotics seem to be having an effect and the swelling can be kept under control through regular icing. We will get the results of the blood tests on Monday. Please pray that there isn't a more serious, underlying issue to this infection, and for a quick and complete recovery.
We are happy to announce that a couple of 6-11 month ministry opportunities at ACC are now officially posted on OMF's website:
Tutor/Ministry Assistant: https://opportunities.omf.org/mission-asia/detail/English-Tutor-and-Ministry-Assistant/50373631
Maintenance/Ministry Assistant: https://opportunities.omf.org/mission-asia/detail/Maintenance-Worker-and-Ministry-Assistant/50373633  

Ann Chow

May 25

I would love prayer as I prepare to give a seminar at Amplify, a conference hosted in partnership with the Billy Graham Association and the Lausanne Movement in Wheaton, IL June 26-28.
Provide a Ministry Update to be posted on KWM's website (note: this is available globally -- any sensitive information not to be shared on the KWM website should be sent directly to Don Nicol) .

Carluci & Christina dos Santos

May 25

This is our 3rd day in Colombia.
John Steinman and I had two wonderful days in Armenia. We met with Jake and Leidy Paul and visited their work with young expecting mothers at the crisis pregnancy center in the afternoon. We also spent some quality time with Ruben and Beverly Ramirez, and visited Shalom, the church they pastor. We felt the presence of God in their midst. We witnessed the work of his grace restoring people and bringing them freedom and new life in Christ. We joined them in their ministration of healing through teaching and prayer, celebracion and praise with singing and dancing at the Wednesday night service. Almost 400 people were in attendance.
Today we arrived in Barranquilla.
In the evening we met with a group of about 25 individuals, families, youth and children, who have come from Venezuela. It was very challenging to hear their stories of how they left their country and are settling in a new life in Colombia. After having shared the gospel with them, we prayed for each one of them individually. They have all accepted Christ as their Saviour and have decided to make God their place of refuge. Amidst the challenges of their stories, their fears, concerns and pain, there was a sense of comfort in hearing the word of God and in the fellowship of the Gospel.
We heard stories of pain and of God's grace through the people of faith who are embracing and providing some shelter to this small group of Venezuelans. There are a few thousands in Barranquilla. This outreach is under the leadership of the Bravos and of brother Yeiger, his wife and children.  

Laurie Armstong

May 24

Pray for students and staff on missions trips (ending mid June) in East Asia, "Desert Rain", Peru and Denmark, as well as on Create mission trip in Guelph (all summer).

Bill & Sheila McKelvie

May 24

Time to say Goodbye
We have felt for a while now that God was leading us back to Canada. On 21 April the time came for us to leave Pakistan a country that has been ‘home’ for us for over 29 years! The last couple of weeks in Mirpur Khas were punctuated with sorting, packing and more sorting and packing. A number of farewell parties, gifts, many invitations for chai, lunch and supper! We were touched by the love and appreciation expressed by so many which made leaving very hard indeed.

New Beginnings
We have spent May in the Toronto area, debriefing and making plans with Interserve, visiting friends and Churches. We even fitted in a trip to Estevan, SK, to see daughter Rebecca and her family. We are also slowly getting used to being in Canada again and learning to pay attention to the weather report – it actually might rain (or snow) or get cold. Imagine that!
Though we have returned to Canada for a few years, we will continue our association with Interserve. Sheila will continue to be an active partner. While the details of her duties are still being finalized, she will work part-time with Interserve’s International Office as before, but also part-time with the Canadian National Office. This will certainly involve both national and international travel.
Bill will be working full-time in Newfoundland as a family doctor with Eastern Health in Whitbourne and Chapel Arm. We thank God for providing this job and on familiar turf too. This is where Bill has been doing summer locums for the past 9 years.
We are also thankful that God has provided a basement apartment below our older son, Daniel and his family. So we’ll be getting lots of opportunities for grandparent duties.

Prayer Points
• We just received an email saying that Bill’s long-time medical colleague, Dr Ebenezer, has just left SaCHA, the community health project Bill had worked in. Please pray for Imroze, the project coordinator, who will have to lead the project.
• Pray for our settling in to our new home and new jobs.
• Pray for guidance on what other ministries we should become involved in when we return to Newfoundland.
• Continued support for Sheila’s work with Interserve.
Special Thanks
We wanted to thank you all for your faithful support of our ministry over the past 29+ years. God has been faithful in providing us with people like you who supported us in prayer as well as financially. He is indeed good all the time!


Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel

May 24

We are back home in Tucson again, after a month-long ministry trip to California and Costa Rica. A 3-day car breakdown and a sleepless night reminded us that it was a critical trip with some opposition from the Enemy, but at the same time, we were well ungirded by your love, your friendship and your prayers.

Those days went so well! If you have a moment, enjoy the pictures and a few details in the letter attached below.

If this note is all you have time to read, please thank God with us for all the answers to prayer and pray for Mary Anne as she prepares to teach in our church here in Tucson on Isaiah 40 and 41, on June 3rd and 10th!   


Gord & Brenda Nickerson

May 24

Brenda and I just returned home from our Josiah Venture Spring Conference in Czech Republic. It was a wonderful time with about 300 of our staff. We studied the book of Romans together and Brenda and I enjoyed many opportunities to care for and shepherd our team. We are so thankful that you as our Knox family have partnered with us for so many years!
Some Prayer Requests:
- Pray for Brenda and I as we continue to settle into our new home here in Abbotsford. We have found a church to call home and are enjoying being a part of a community group. Our busy time of travel is over until September so we are looking forward to getting to know our new neighbourhood over the next few months.
- In just a few weeks Josiah Venture's summer camp ministry will be in full swing throughout Central and Eastern Europe with thousands of young people attending these English, sports, or music camps. Many of them will be hearing the good news of Christ for the first time. Pray that God will work in many young lives in a powerful way!
- In our new role as the Director for Josiah Venture Canada we are involved in forming many new relationships and connecting churches, schools, pastors, potential donors, and young people to this ministry. Pray for good contacts and connections as we communicate some of what God is doing in and through Josiah Venture and ways that people can partner with what he is doing.
- We always appreciate prayer for our young adult children. Amy as she lives and serves as lead writer for Josiah Venture in Czech Republic. Brad as he lives in Austin Texas working as a graphic designer. Katie & Dane and our 8 month old grandson Leo living in Midland Texas. Dane is working as a videographer at a large church. 

Donna Dong

May 23

Donna attends InterVarsity's Campus Staff Gathering, preaches at 2 Toronto area Chinese churches, and teaches a training session on intercultural welcome to the university-aged summer Pioneer Camp Ontario staff, pray that all involved would encounter the Lord Jesus Christ and grow as lifelong disciples and kingdom leaders.

Xerggyo & Hil

May 22

We are applying for our visa this week. Hil's opportunity to teach in a recognized school may help us.

Carluci & Christina dos Santos

May 22

Just a quick to update you on my trip to Colombia and Venezuela. Our plane was two hours late in leaving Pearson.

This morning John and I found out that because of the upcoming presidential election in Colombia in the next few days, all seven boarders between Colombia and Venezuela will be closed this Wednesday at midnight and will be reopened on Sunday, May 27, at midnight.

Our first plan was to go to Venezuela on Friday, May 25th and be there till May 29th. We have now to work with an alternative plan and may not be able to visit the two cities in Venezuela where we had made arrangements with local pastors. And we will have to change tickets again since we might have to return to Barranquilla.

We are on our way to Armenia in one hour where we will be visiting with Bev and Ruben Ramirez, Jake and Leidy Paul, their church, ZonaJ and the crisis pregnancy centre, etc.

On Wednesday we fly to Barranquilla to visit with the Bravos. We would be driving with Hernan Bravo to Venezuela on Friday, taking some food supplies to a children’s feeding program. (As you might know, or not, there is a huge food crisis and hunger going on in Venezuela right ow).

We will likely do that on Monday instead, given the closure of the boarders this Wednesday.

We will meet the Atiencias in Bogota next a week tomorrow. They have a continental wide biblical expository preaching training program. 

Luke and Yuko Elliot

May 21

Please find attached our most recent Prayer Letter--heavy on pictures and light on words.


An Encounter

Check out the re-edited acount of a near drowing experience 


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