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Thursday, July 18

Carluci & Christina Dos Santos, Mesa Global

Carluci praises God for the opportunity to join the Mesa
Global missionary family. Please pray as he seeks to
organize a core leadership team to plan, call and lead a
mission's conference for the Spanish-speaking
community in the Toronto area in the fall or early next
year. The goal: to raise awareness and support for
missions in the city, and in Canada; to pray for
unreached people groups and French Canadians. 

Leah Hopp

July 17

Wow! You must have had a lot of rain! It's raining here too as I take the matatu to Mbale today. Praying for safety as people escape the flooding.

I'm going to see my brother and family as his wife's birthday is tomorrow and his daughter's birthday is on Friday. I haven't seen them in a couple months, so I look forward to catching up with them. My brother has his work permit now. Praise God! My sister-in-law and niece are still waiting for their dependant's pass and student pass.

I will also get injections for my ear problem for the next three days. The latest theory is that my eustacion tube is blocked due to severe allergies. The bleeding and swelling from that is impacting my ear and TMJ. Loud noises especially aggravate my ear pain.

Elaine Esser

July 12

On Thursday morning I was in so much pain in my left leg I could hardly walk. I decided to call the ambulance. I managed to walk down the stairs to get on the stretcher with their help. I then sat in a wheel chair for about four hours. They were very busy.

The doctor examined me and gave me a heavy dose of pain killer and had x-ray's done of my hips and spine. The result was I have osteoarthritis in both hips. I was able to get my self dressed and she gave me a prescription for a heavy duty pain killer. There is no treatment for osteoarthritis except pain killers. I do have a rub that helps as well made from natural ingredients.

A friend arrived with supper for me tonight so I didn't have to cook. My neighbor also brought groceries for me this morning so I am all stocked up.
The problem with the one type of arthritis that I have is that it is not treatable! The specialist says take pain pills five times a day. The weather seems to trigger these bad bouts of pain. 

Xerggyo & Hil

July 10

We are busy here in Mexico, teaching in churches as part of a cross cultural teaching program for new workers all over Mexico. Last night we were part of a conversation with a Seminary in Guatemala to introduce I studies. 
Today we are travelling near San Cristobal to attend a worship service with children.

Knox Memories

Do you have a memory of some special time associated with Knox Spadina? Author Ian McKechnie, is compiling a number of articles to include in a PCC book. You can contact Ian below.

Kevin & Irene Livingston

July8--Sarah's pregnancy

Thank you so much for your prayers! Our daughter Sarah gave birth to our new granddaughter named Flora just after 3 p.m. this afternoon. The baby came very quickly, after only three pushes! Both mother and baby are doing well. Baby is six weeks early but will be well cared for at the hospital in Boston.

Please pray for good health for both and for continued strength for Irene who is watching two young and very active grandchildren. 

Luke and Yuko Elliot

Thank you for praying for Family Day Camp (Saturday, June 29). We had three families join us this time, as well as three elderly non-Christians hungry for fellowship. The Persian-Japanese family and the three elderly folks came at the invitation of Joshua and Jessica Landry. This is a wonderful answer to prayer. Please continue to pray for more applications to our Kids' and Teen Bible Camps.


July 6

Watermelon has become popular throughout Tanzania this year . We have some every day. They used to be tasteless but now most are sweet.

Faraja and Baraka are going back to school this coming Monday. We will have a quieter home but Daniel will make sure there is enough noise! This afternoon he had a major tantrum! :)

Threefold Ministries

As the newly reappointed Managing Director of the ministry, I would like to share some current information with you about the next chapter of the Threefold/Skylark story. You may have learned from the former Chair of the Board of Threefold Ministries, Heather Murch, that there has been a recent passing of the torch of leadership. Now that the transition has been completed, I want to provide an update of the mission as well as to share some of our plans as we move forward.

The Elliots

It is now less than a month until the start of our first summer Bible camp. Please be in prayer for our three camps: Third Culture Kid (TCK) Camp for native English speakers (mainly missionary kids) July 24-26; Kids' Bible Camp July 28-30, and Teen Bible Camp August 1-3.

Hanneke Cost Budde

June 26

Warm greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!
I want to thank you all for your ongoing prayers and financial support! I do not take your support for granted and pray that the Lord may bless each of you for your love for the kids (teens/young adults by now) and for my self. God does hear and answer our prayers!
I am so thankful that all the kids are doing well in their schools. Right now, Baraka and Faraja are home from school for a few weeks’ holidays.
- Ngassa had run into some problems and I paid a fine that he was to pay. His qualifications are not enough and he has agreed that it will be better if he gets a diploma. Then he can hopefully get a job in a company. His course will start in August.
- Mfaume is doing his final fieldwork for which he has to write a report. He shares a room with another student. Unfortunately, they were broken into and their phones were stolen. The thieves tried to steal their laptops and dropped Mfaume’s. The screen and the keyboard were broken. I had to send him extra money to get it fixed. He is doing ok now and enjoys his fieldwork. We still do not know when his graduation will be.
- Jacky is doing well in her studies and hopefully she will succeed in finishing her Secondary school training. There are some days that having to keep up with her studies and taking care of Daniel after she gets home she becomes a bit stressed out. Then I tell her to go for a walk while I take care of Daniel. She often takes him with her so he gets to play with other kids while she is visiting friends.
- Baraka is starting Form 6 this July. He is doing well in his studies and should finish in May next year. He wants to join the institute of transport in Dar. They offer quite a few courses so we will wait what he choses. Baraka is no longer joining us for Bible studies and prayers. Please keep him in your payers!
- Faraja is doing well. He expects to finish his Secondary school with division one. He still wants to become an engineer and told me that he does want to do his study in physics so he can go to the university for technology in Mbeya. He was too overwhelmed with all the studies that he decided to drop physics in his final year. I saw how tense he was and advised him to go ahead end drop it for now and pick it up after finishing. He is so much more relaxed and happier. His marks are excellent. He told me that he really enjoys the Biblical teaching he is getting at his school. Both he and Faraja have some problems with their bowls due to the food at school. I have been giving them dates each day and given them bags with dates to take to their schools. This has helped greatly. Baraka comes home for the weekends and gets good nutrition when at home.
- Christina (Kiri for short) is enjoying her studies in animal health and is getting all A’s and a few B’s. She will finish her studies for the certificate this year and then wants to continue her studies for her diploma. She studies in Dodoma which is 6 hours away from us. She sends us messages and calls us regularly. Kiri has a cyst in one of her breasts and needs a biopsy done. She wants to finish her Certificate and then we will go to Mwanza. I have paid for all the kids who are studying health insurance. This will help in keeping the cost for medical care down as the insurance for each kid is about $150/- per year.
- Mahona is very busy with his teaching job, which he loves, and is still working at the orphanage. We see him less often but hear from him time to time.
- Margreth is doing well and little Euphoria is growing like a weed! She is about 1 ½ inch taller than Daniel even though she is one year younger. They visited us last Saturday and the kids had a ball: playing in their little pool, running and playing in the sand, chasing soap bubbles, etc. Lots of fun and they slept well that night!

I myself am doing well. I have some physical issues with arthritis and my neck and back, but doing my exercises helps to keep me mobile. I thank the Lord for each day he gives me and for giving me strength and energy each day. I do think more often about my future and His promises: We shall be with Him and have new and perfect bodies. I love the verse in Isaiah 40:31 :” But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings as eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint”. I often think of this verse when I feel insecure walking on uneven ground or stumble. “Soaring like an eagle” sounds like the perfect solution for me!
This month I had an adventure: Our Jack Russel was becoming very aggressive with my lovely shepherd who is an excellent watchdog but very gentle. The last attack on my poor shepherd was so bad that he had blood allover and was in agony. I tried to find a good home for our agressor and contacted my friends who had given us this dog.
There is an Australian farmer, named Steve, in Iringa who loves Jack Russel’s and had lost his. He was thrilled to get him. I had a driver and Baraka with me when we went to Iringa. We left very early and arrived around 6.30 pm. We stayed with a nice couple who are his neighbors, and Steve was there to receive his doggy. He loves him even though he did let me know that he is quite aggressive with his other dogs.
We had never been in Iringa and we were not prepared for the cold temperature. Tabora has a temperature of 35C. Average. In Iringa it was low 20 C. and in the evenings it dropped to 18C. (In July it drops at times to 0 C !)The Couple was very nice and they have a huge farm with 300 cows and a huge orchard with Avocado trees. They were preparing 5000 new trees by grafting the kind of avocadoes they need in order to export. We got a tour of the place and learned many interesting things.
On the way home we stopped in Dodoma to have lunch with Kiri who was very happy with our visit.
The teaching at the Bible school is going well and I am enjoying the students. There is a bit of a challenge regarding their health issues. None of them have insurance and they have no extra money after paying school fees and travel money. This month we had 3 students with asthma, one with UTI, Malaria and Typhoid, and one needed reading glasses.
The mother with the twins comes to see us at times. There is no real progress in the little one that had her back broken during delivery. This is so sad. The mother however has such a positive attitude even though her life is very difficult with a husband who has no job.
Makala, the man with Lymphoma is not doing well. I hope to visit him at his home as he can no longer walk.

Colin and Rachel McCordic

June 20

At our pre-field orientation in Canada, we had a session about expectations. As new missionaries, it is easy to start ministry with a lot of expectations. Sometimes we don’t even realize we have expectations about something, until they aren’t met. We certainly came to Chad expecting our first several months to look a certain way. We thought we would easily slide into routines (after all, we’ve been here before!)...

Mary Jane Fandrich

June 18

VBS allowed a review of the place, time and meeting that only God could orchestrate.

The time was twelve noon (perfect for sending the disciples off on an errand, perfect for the arrival of the village reject [notably alone]), the place where it was necessary to go, and offered the offer and comparison of needed product, water, and the meeting with the woman of His selection, privately.

Monday after VBS, Mission Circle met unusually in June having missed a meeting in April.

The decorations were being taken down, balloons EVERYWHERE. Could they spare some?
Stuffed into the back of the SUV, and gently shut in, they declined to pop and arrived safely at the destination of the playground picnic table and the homes of several delighted children with meeting of friendly parents.

The next day, later in the afternoon, a return visit to one home found: the parents and all younger children gone, the afternoon free of interruptions, a common curiosity, Arabic, and a teenage, 10th grade girl eager for conversation. With Luke two in the Arabic Bible in the computer, we explored the wonder of Angels, scared and stunned shepherds, a manger, and the wonder of “the Salvation of the Messiah, the Lord.

This was all news and unheard of material delivered from the Injil, not the Quran, in a familiar and beloved language, Arabic.
Pray that the witness will be remembered, mulled over, and more added in subsequent visits.

Fifteen children (only four of them girls!) learned the joy of being with Jesus as they learned about His presentation of Himself to a lonely woman at a well. “The one talking to you is He”. She was overwhelmed and went running without her water jug to tell the town, could this be the Christ?

Indeed He was (IS) and a whole town declared their commitment to Him. Our Mission Circle met unusually in June, and the VBS decorations were being taken down. Might we have some strings of balloons?

Jane Watson and I loaded strings of balloons large and small into the back of her SUV and took off to Cutter’s Point on Abrams just down from the big Richardson mosque. The door to my Iraqi friends opened and four children welcomed a bunch of balloons, their mother greeted me with a warm embrace, we hadn’t been together since Hamas struck. Her teenage daughter walked around the whole complex with me, attaching the long string of balloons to the playground picnic table, and other balloons to another home. This was the opportunity to catch up with family doings and reconnect. Now the door is open, and we hugged each other as we left.

Jane Watson and I shared the joy of being with Jesus as we downed bowls of Tai pathai at a restaurant near my current location.

It’s been good to receive visits from my former Cutter’s Point neighbors, and now It will be a good summer of going and being with them for visits. God is a good planner, and sets up His schedule, either at a well or at Cutter’s Point near the mosque.

Missions Hub

At the Missions Hub, we love how discipleship and prayer are a huge part of what we do. At our monthly Luke 10:2 gatherings, we continue to learn and pray together through recent themes of "Waiting and Discerning with the Lord," "From Lament to Joy in Missions," and "God at Work Among Rohingya Peoples." We thank God for these regular spaces of learning, equipping, and interceding for the nations. Pray for good rest for our leaders as we take a break in June, and for wisdom as we plan forward for the coming year.

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