Wednesday, May 25

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel, Arizona

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel. “Be encouraged! God is answering these KWM prayers we are praying month by month! In Colombia, the two COVID widows are gradually healing and ministering in the Student Movement once again. God has raised up a team of staff workers who are sharing the Gospel and discipling students in 4 key cities. Pray that as in-person classes begin again, many University Students will come to know and follow Jesus!”

Don Scott

May 22

We hope that each of you remained safe and unharmed as a wild storm blew through many parts of Ontario today.

Just as the air began to settle, the attending doctor surprised Don with his TEE test results and how the medical team planned to proceed. The images of his heart revealed he has a "shunt" ( when the pattern of blood flow in the heart deviates from the normal path, sometimes through a hole)

The doctor was kind enough to explain this in layman's language and also was confident that Don was stable enough to be discharged, today!

He will be wearing a portable ECG monitor for 2-4 weeks and have a consultation with a cardiologist soon to determine next steps.
Ongoing physiotherapy for his new knee and occupational therapy for his significantly weak left hand will be part of his new daily regime.

After maneuvering through the hospital that was resorting to emergency back-up in places due to the storm, we were able to express our gratitude to nursing staff, and say a bittersweet farewell but not good bye to Jose, Don's most indomitable roommate.

We enjoyed being in the fresh air together again, and celebrated with yummy mango popsicles. Simple pleasures are truly great gifts!

Thank you ALL for your love, support and prayers these past 10 days.
As this week closes, and a new Sabbath day circles round,
we give thanks for His unending faithfulness. (psalm100)

We pray that this May weekend marks the beginning of a summer of rest and renewal for all,
and maybe some stormy days and sweet surprises!

--Mary Jane 

Xerggyo and Hil

May 15

We are in Mexico right now, enjoying the 35 ºC, after a long time and cold winter in T, we left the field close to two months ago and we are planning to return in December 06th, 2022.

We came to spend time with our family and support churches in the jungle in Chiapas, Mexico; also we are planning to come to Canada to visit our Knox Family, and KWM. Talk to you the Amazing work of God doing on the field, during the last six years (from 2016). With many new believers come to Faith.  

Ann Chow

May 15

I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and prayers in mom's passing last Friday. It’s been so good to be with family this week. Mom, PAULINE CHOW, was a wonderful, and spunky lady who will be deeply missed.

Hanneke Cost Budde

May 8

Daniel at eight months has become a real climber--with sights set on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Josiah Venture

Colin & Rachael McVCordic

April 3

Saying "Yes" to Jesus
We’re excited to share how the Lord has been working in our lives in some big ways this past month!

At the beginning of April we heard that the teacher Rachel is covering for will not be returning in July as originally planned. This wasn’t a huge surprise to anyone in our unit as this lovely lady is needing to be at home to support her family right now. Soon after we heard this news, Rachel leaned over to Colin and said “Well, technically we have a one year visa to stay in Chad”, meaning, did we want to consider staying longer in Chad? Colin’s eyes lit up right away! We took some time to pray about it, but it didn’t take us long to say “yes” to this idea as we felt the Lord was in it. We soon shared with the other teachers and the AIM Unit leader, all who had said they had been considering asking us to stay longer as well! The missionary life is full of changes and goodbyes, and having people stay longer in one ministry is often a blessing to those serving.
Our six month in Chad is now being extended to twelve as we will stay here until December. We thought we were saying “Yes” to six months, but God’s plans are so much better than ours! We have really been enjoying our time here and feeling very blessed to be part of these ministries. This doesn’t mean it’s always been easy, but we are continuing to say “Yes” to Jesus and serve Him faithfully every day.

Will you join us in saying “Yes”? Will you continue to pray for us and encourage us as we serve here in Chad? An extra six months here obviously has an impact on our original budget. We would love for you to prayerfully consider supporting us financially as you are able. Please follow the links below to support on a monthly basis or give a one-time gift. If you could also email us or AIM Canada’s finance department to confirm your on-going monthly support, that would be a great help! 

Norine Love

April 3

Please remember Norine. Following a routine cataract surgery she developed double vision. "The judgement...is that I probably have decompensated strabismus."

Rev Michael Fesenko

December 1, 1900 - April 7, 2003

A Ukrainian Canadian's story recounted by his daughters Eleanor (Nel) Carpen and Rhoda Melinyshyn.

Hanneke Cost Budde

April 29--Revised

Someone asked me to write a report on all the kids I have had over the years. T thought that as many of you have supported my kids it might also be enjoyable for you to receive this. It was a bit of a job to find the picture and put it together in short form but here it is

Jim Mason

Click below for my May prayer bulletin.

Leah Hopp

April 26

I look forward to connecting with you on my home-assignment starting this month.

Click below for my Annual burden of disease in Nakaale, Karamoja: A descriptive, cross-sectional study

Hanneke Cost Budde

April 26

I took Faraja to school yesterday. Today I took Baraka, Kiri Jacky with Daniel and Naomi to the Orion hotel. Food was so and the service very slow...as usual. They have few guests and it is looking a bit rundown. We had a nice time, but Baraka seemed quite down and ate little. I asked him but he said he is okay. On Thursday I am taking him to school. That is always difficult for him. Faraja handles it better even though he also rather stay home. 

Here is Naomi with Daniel.

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