January 28

I & S. Perspectivas, Brasil

“This month, I's replacement moves to our city to start to learn the ropes. Please pray for a fruitful transition process, and for our preparation for the next field. We will be having meetings to set up our working relationship on the field this month.”

Jim Mason

January 27

Click below for the February 2023 Praise and Prayer Bulletin from Challenge Enterprises Ghana.

Humble thanks for your interest in, and prayers on behalf of, CEG.  

Diana Wadsworth

January 26

Please pray for Eleanor Crabtree with this health issue. Eleanor is a close friend and former colleague when I was in India. She was with us at the school in Jhansi, north India for about 20 years. After leaving us at the school and hostel, she worked with the Christian Medical Association of India in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Nagpur. Her home place was Thornbury, ON, and Meaford. She is twice widowed. Now she lives in ‘Seasons’. A retirement community in Owen Sound.

Norine Love

January 25

Norine had a successful knee replacement operation today.

Dr. Everet Briard

January 25

Dr. Briard, Minister Emeritus of Grace Church West Hill died yesterday.
He was Interim Moderator at Knox twice.
Visitation: Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 4-7 PM McEachnie Funeral Home in Pickering Village (Old Kingston Road, just west of Church Street)
SERVICE: Monday 10:30 AM at Grace West Hill  

Luke and Yuko Elliot

January 23

Shortly after we finished the summer Bible camps, we began our (also overdue) home assignment in Canada on August 25, 2022 and are scheduled to return to Japan on March 5, 2023. This has truly been a blessed time of connecting with friends, relatives (although we have surprisingly few relatives in Canada), and supporters.

Leah Hopp

January 23

I am thankful that I was able to get a ride down to Mbale on Monday and another ride back up to Nakaale on Tuesday. It is much more efficient than taking the bus, which is my usual mode of transport. I sat with Agnes, my research advisor, for nine hours on Monday and four hours on Tuesday. We made a lot of progress brainstorming in person about future research opportunities. She also taught me about some new software called NVIVO that will cut the tediousness of what other programmes such as Word offer. It’s expensive and a steep learning curve, but it will be enormously helpful in the future. We will apply for a few research grants now as I am also writing a research proposal to submit to the ethics board. I am helping Agnes with one of her research projects so that she can teach me about some methods that are unfamiliar to me, but that we would employ in our next project together. She is an encouragement to me in my work. It is motivating to partner with her instead of doing too much on my own. Please pray that I will find good balance between research opportunities and my other work with the community health team here in Nakaale. It would be easy for me to slip into academic mode and not spend time in the villages, but I want to do both.

Mary Jane Fandrich

January 18

It’s been an amazing two months since the middle of November.

It makes you wonder why God doesn’t do it all on His own.
He really could. He didn’t need us to create the world, and history is replete with His shows of sovereignty. But He sets us up to work in His vineyard, and He’s the farmer.
Our role is to follow Him around.
From baking and decorating Christmas cookies, to unexpected opportunities to discuss the truth of God’s Word, one never knows what the next assignment will be. The children learning to read from ARCH Bible story books wolfed cookies with gusto. English comes easily when you need ‘paper’ for scribbling, or ‘color’ for coloring Bible story printed pictures.
Cookies were an immediately grasped concept. It’s challenging to munch and read at the same time.
God turns up His fellow servants in the most unexpected ways:
My eighth grade student brought me two thin English books titled, ‘Old Testament’ and ‘New Testament ‘ They showed old familiar stories. “Where did you get these?” “My coach at the Y.” The Y! Lord, thank you for the backup!

A chance meeting on the sidewalk prayer walk, pleasant chat and invitation to come and visit, again with the father newly visiting from near my country. Sure. Then this morning, a reconnect with non English speaker whose husband wants her very much to learn. I’ll come and visit with you without Arabic! And maybe read stories to your little girls Oh yes.! And bring you a cake and enjoy your Ethiopian

Christmas was lovely with the family visiting and food, grandsons and daughters (God’s gift for growing old). The old ticker is ticking right along, although other parts are giving some hesitation. Out in the vineyard the seeds are being planted. A recent pleasure was sharing the account of what God did and is still dong in Lebanon via PowerPoint. I’d be happy to share it with anyone or ones who would like to see it.

Thank God for His wondrous gift of Life and His constant Presence. 

Hanneke Cost Budde


I just wanted to let you know I am in a lot of pain with my leg. There was big rain here and when it was over I started going to the college on the way I fell down and got injured on my leg. I think it's the metal in my leg. Please pray for me so I can be okay and continue well with my studies 

Colin & Rachel McCordic

January 12

We're back in Toronto!

This is a quick little email to let you know that we've arrived safely back in Toronto, despite a few bumps along the way (cancelled flight, delayed luggage, several unexpected surprises in our apartment, car problems).

Despite all this, we know that God is still good and we have much to be thankful for.
We do plan on sending out a lengthier newsletter in the near future to fill you in on the last few months and to tell you what are upcoming plans are.

For now, here are a few ways to be praying for us.

• Safe travels to Vancouver and then Toronto
• A wonderful Christmas with family
• Good goodbyes to our friends and teammates in Chad
• A warm apartment to come home to
• All our luggage arrived

• Pray for us as we adjust back to being in Canada.
• Pray for Colin as he starts his last semester at Tyndale University this week
• Pray that we will reconnect with friends and family here in Canada
• Pray the Lord will direct our steps for our future ministry
• Pray for good sleep and times of rest during a time of many transitions 

Hanneke Cost Budde

January 7

This morning the kids and I were sitting outside in Mwanza when a pastor and his wife walked into the compound of the hotel. He is also a teacher. We had not seen each other in about 8 years. He was there to wait for a friend, Zablon. When this man came with his wife and lo and behold, Zablon was one of my first students in the Kolandoto Bible school! I didn't recognize him after 28 years! He had quite a few memories of the time in Kolandoto... especially when all the students had a meal at my home! 😆 He went on to study in our Bible college and did Nassa Bible school which is a higher level in theological education. What a great reunion!! Seeing some fruit of one's labor is so encouraging! After having great stories and reminiscing about the past, Faraja came and was all smiles: he got the government results for his second year of secondary school: division one! He has one B and all A's! We will celebrate this evening at the Tilapia.

Daniel and Buddy

Scott & Beth Hurd

January 3

Our apologies that this didn’t get sent before the end of the year! Please find attached an update on our ministry and family for the winter of 2022/2023.

We pray that each of you will enjoy the rich blessings of the New Year, and we remain deeply thankful for our partnership in the gospel. 

Ann Chow

January 1

Hello and happy new year! God has worked powerfully here at Urbana!

Bill Fitch

December 27

L2L: New Year Encouragement
Christmas 2022 has come and gone, and I hope it was a time of joy for you. For most, joy with family and friends; but for those who celebrated quietly, joy in the Saviour who entered our world two millennia ago. A quiet entry that silent night, but truly a bridgehead to the salvation of billions.
We look forward to the new year of 2023! Another gift from our God!
At this time a year ago, we didn’t know what to expect. The two long years of Covid slowdowns had left us with almost no students. We’d had two years with no travel to launch new schools, and almost all our many students had graduated. But as covid restrictions lifted our staff responded with a big surge of recruitment and school launches. So when December rolled in, we had 628 active students!
And there are more waiting in the wings. One example: at a November presentation in Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya – one of the largest refugee camps in East Africa – more than 60 students-to-be filled the church. And despite refugee camps being some of the world’s most cash-poor places, more than half paid their first semester fees in advance to guarantee themselves a seat! It’s humbling to see how much Jesus’s followers long to understand him better so they can love and follow him more.
We’re expecting a BIG 2023. We have new translation languages and new countries to go along with the venues we’re already familiar with that seem to have inexhaustible supply. We have eager, experienced, capable leaders on the ground. We have thousands of churches longing for ever better teaching.
As supporters of Listen to Learn, I hope this encourages you! And you can encourage us, even in this last week of the year, by reaffirming your support with a year-end gift. Many of you have already done so. Thank you! But for those who haven’t yet got round to it, there’s still plenty of time. Donations received online or by e-transfer by Dec. 31 or cheques postmarked by then will be receipted in January. And they will all build capacity for our BIG 2023. 

Gord and Brenda Nickerson

I hope you and your family are enjoying this wonderful season of Advent as we celebrate the birth of Christ!
I want to THANK YOU again for your prayers and generous giving toward the Ukraine Crisis Fund over the last year!

We received the following video from Josiah Venture's Ukraine Team Leader a few days ago. It's definitely worth taking time to watch it (less than 5 minutes) in order to hear a short story and update on how God is working in and through the lives of Ukrainians even as this terrible war continues. 

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