Jim Mason. (1) Pray for the 2021 CEG National Pastors and Christian Leaders Conferences. (2) Pray that the Lord will bring in sponsors and lead the right people to partner CEG to be able to undertake the multi-storey building project. (3) Praise God for the partnership with Good News Bible Church visiting the juvenile prison of the Ghana Prisons Service. Pray that the Bible study materials and food supplies will be a great blessing to these teenagers. (4) Pray for continued sustenance of all the churches planted by the Cinevan ministry. Pray for resources to maintain the current fleet of 3 Cinevans and to add to the fleet as well.

David Leggett

October 14

As of late this afternoon, David is in bed at home.Thank you Lord! Thank you! David still welcomes your prayers as he is very weak, in quite a bit of pain and eating very little. Despite this, he is very happy to be home, where it is peaceful and calm. A huge thank you to each and every one of you for your supportive prayers.

Colin & Rachel McCordic

October 12

A quick note to you before we head off for our long weekend away to celebrate our 5th (wow!) anniversary…

We’ve had many encouraging replies from you about how the Lord is calling us to Chad. Thank you so much! And thank you for your continued prayers as we prepare.
We wanted to give you some updates on how our plans have progressed.
First, we will likely be leaving just before Christmas. Wellspring school starts on January 3, so we need to arrive well before that to first quarantine, then get settled into our new digs.
Colin has been in communication with the AIM unit leader in Chad, Justin. During Colin’s previous time in Chad, he had been on a team with Justin and it has been great to reconnect with him. We are very excited to be serving under his leadership as Justin has been extremely encouraging and supportive. In talking with Colin about the current needs in Chad, Justin felt that working at the English Center that AIM helps run in N’djamena would be a great fit for Colin. This is a tremendous opportunity as this ministry not just responds to the demand for English learning in Chad but builds bridges through relationship. The vision of the team extends beyond the classroom. One of the main focuses of the team is actually doing home visits and developing relationships with students and their families. A major aspect of Chadian culture is hospitality and relationship. Justin also is encouraging Colin to reconnect with Campus for Christ Chad and others that he had worked alongside with before. AIM’s goal is always to work alongside with and encourage the church in Chad to share Jesus’s message and love to all. One really amazing story about the team at the English Center. When Justin checked with the team leader to get his okay, he was told that they had been specifically praying for a male teacher for January! More and more, we feel that God has been at work this whole time and leading us to Chad at this time.

We’ve been given a preliminary budget figure for our six months in Chad. We’re needing to raise around $22,600 ($17,800 USD), which works out to about $3770/month. Thankfully we already have many amazing supporters who have been supporting Rachel in her current ministry with AIM so we’ve got a great head start. We are trusting the Lord to provide for some more regular supporters to join our team. We need an additional $1550/month (or around $9300 total). Would you please join us in praying for this?
If you feel the Lord nudging you to support us financially, we would so appreciate that. You can give through your credit card automatic bank withdrawals, cheques, or e-transfers. Click below.
We will need to book our flights at least a month in advance, so the deadline to have all our finances in place is November 20.

We would love to share more about what we will be doing and how God has lead us to this path! If you would like us to speak to your church, group or just catch up over coffee, let us know.

As many of us prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, let’s make sure that giving thanks to our Lord and Redeemer is much more than just a once a year event.
“Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!” Psalm 100:4 


Ian Shugart

October 13

Ian remains in hospital. There have been some minor complications with his recovery. Initially they were monitoring his heart (which is now resolved) and now they are monitoring his lungs. He’ll be on oxygen overnight, and hopefully he’ll be able to come home tomorrow. Please pray for healing and for patience.


Scott & Beth Hurd

October 6

We continue to give thanks to God for each of you and for our partnership in the work of the gospel.

Here’s our latest update as we treasure time with Anne, Coleman, and family. 

Bill Fitch

October 4

It's been too long! It's high time to let you in on all that God has been doing with Listen to Learn in 2021 so far!
We started off the year with a huge bold move in January. We switched from using MP3 players – probably our signature feature for 15 years! We are now using micro-SD cards to deliver our teaching, as most people in Kenya and Tanzania now own phones with SD slots. This move has dramatically reduced our costs – by about $40 per student! This in-turn frees up more money to expand Listen to Learn’s reach.
Continuing effects of the pandemic led to the year starting off slowly in the launching of new classes. But momentum has quickly built up again. Just in the past two weeks we’ve launched 8 new schools in Tanzania, on top of lots of 2021 Kenya starts.
Another big step in Tanzania is selecting a board and officially registering Listen to Learn with the government. This is a strategic need for us. As the Tanzanian government is cracking down on abusive or questionable churches, they are demanding that all churches register with the government. One of the prerequisites for registration is for all pastors to have a diploma from a properly accredited theological school. So this is where we come in. If we become properly accredited, the demand for our affordable and accessible school will explode in Tanzania. Please pray with us about this process as the bureaucracy of the Tanzanian government is labyrinthine and wearisome to deal with. But the Board we have assembled – all L2L graduates  – are a patient and motivated team of “L2L evangelists” and are pressing hard.

Isaac, our COO, told us of a group of pastors who were about to get a ”diploma” through a 2-week bible course. They had almost made up their minds to enroll when Isaac came through town. He shared with them about Listen to Learn, and how God has been changing lives through His word. After hearing about L2L, the pastors decided it would be best to study the word more thoroughly by listening to the entire L2L curriculum – not just a two week crash course. “You can get a piece of paper that says you are a pastor, or you can dig deeper into the word of God and be a pastor that is better equipped to shepherd his flock.” The pastors said, “We need the Listen to Learn curriculum!”
There are many more stories like this, where L2L has been able to jump in where other Bible schools or colleges just can't. We’re not focused on promoting the wonders of Listen to Learn, but on simply thanking God for the open doors he has given us. And on thanking you for praying for and supporting us. Please pray with us that L2L will gain even more momentum, and that many more will be impacted through God's Word. 


Diane Dadian

October 3

Please pray with us. My daughter, Kathleen, remains in the hospital with some unknown infection. This is so hard for her as she had been bedridden for almost a year now.

Mission Celebration Sunday

October 24 @ 11:00am Worship

Our focus this special Sunday will be Missions in the Marketplace, linking with our Faith + Work sermon series. We’ll host guest preacher Craig Shugart, who has been involved in marketplace mission for a number of years and is a prominent leader in this missions area on the international scene. Craig will also give testimony to his ministry work for our missions moment.  

Mary Jane Fandrich

September 30

Here in Texas in an apartment complex, there is a constant flow of
muslim people, women, teenagers, husbands all struggling with the
total disruption of their lives and shutting out the knowledge of the Love
of God in Jesus the Messiah. My presence amongst them is a constant
witness, and raises curiosity. Sharing the Word of God is a constant focusing
on openings and opportunity. Thank God for the Holy Spirit Who has the power
to inform the hearts of men.  

Xerggyo and Hil

September 29

We will be leaving this country on the weekend to get Hil's visa renewal. We are going to GEO... for about three days. We will travel by bus. Will you join us in prayer?

Leah Hopp

September 29

Please pray for our mission clinic staff. We have been understaffed for a couple months, but this past two weeks have been worse. We only have one of three clinicians working today. I can’t remember the last time we have tried to run the clinic with just one person seeing patients, or if we ever have. I will still have to manage the staff until Friday when the clinic administrator gets back. Many staff are sick and those who remain are growing weary of covering the work of others. 

I heard back about my research article that I submitted in July, but have not had one minute to work on revisions yet. I have also not been able to work on my research proposal that needs to be submitted to an ethics committee for approval before we can start stage two of our project. Please pray that I will also be able to spend a bit of time with my community health team after I take a couple of mental health days next week.  

Jim Mason

Click below to check out our October prayer bulletin


Hanneke Cost Budde

September 28

Jacky sent me this this morning:
Daniel is doing ok. Jacky has to feed him more....a new mama needs to learn! 


Luke & Yuko Elliot

September 23

• for the Lord's abundant blessing on the two Bible camps we had this summer
• for progress being made in the construction of the new main building's refectory
• that OMF colleagues, James & Maki Buss will be joining our ministry team at the end of November 

Margy MacKay

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of George Leslie Mackay’s arrival in Tamsui on March 9, 1872, and the beginning of Canada’s engagement with Asia, the Canadian Mackay Committee has produced a bilingual English-Chinese wall calendar, with historic and contemporary pictures from Taiwan and Canada, plus informative text and dates. See picture of full inside page, attached.
One Calendar - C$15 / US$12 5 or more – C$12 / US$10 20 or more – C$10 /US$8 ( +shipping ) 50 or more $8 (+ shipping)
To place your order click here 
(we will send you payment information)
Questions? : Edward Chung 416-564-5757 or Michael Stainton 647-978-1870

I would be remiss if I did not point out that if you order 5 @ $12 each, they cost the same as 4 individual ($15 each) . In any case, there is no charge for mailing up to 5. The calendars are being printed now and you can pay later. A cheque made out to "Canadian Mackay Committee" can be mailed to it c/o 31 Caldbeck Ave, Markham, ON L3S 3H4.  


Hanneke Cost Budde

September 22

Baby Daniel arrived safe and sound this morning. Jacky is doing well.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support! 


Leah Hopp

September 16

We are well here in Nakaale. The clinic admin came back for a couple of weeks which allowed me to travel to Mbale for a week to change the scenery for the first time in four months. I was also able to meet with Agnes to plan our research proposal for the second stage of our research project. I am always happy to meet with her and am very encouraged by our collaboration. Please pray that we can submit our request to the ethics committee asap, as it can take time to hear back from them. I want to work more on research, but the clinic also demands a lot of time and energy. I am back in charge of the clinic again this week until the end of September while the admin goes to Kampala to get his new daughter an American passport. Would you please pray for the staff at our mission clinic? They are growing weary of working short-staffed due to a recent nurse quitting and some other staff taking unscheduled days off. We have hired another midwife, but she has delayed beginning her contract. Recently, the clinicians have been more reluctant than usual to help each other out. Please pray for stamina to serve our community even though we are stretched beyond capacity. Usually, our patient numbers would be decreasing during this season, but we are still seeing many patients each day.

Wayne Hancock

Nicaragua News
In this, the Summer 2021 edition of Nicaragua News, we tell recent stories through pictures. Each picture captures a story of sharing. Each instance of sharing—neighbour with neighbour, f… 


welcome to missions hub happenings!

It's been a while since our last update! This summer, we've done our best to keep journeying alongside students while also holding lots of hope for in-person gatherings in the fall. Keep reading to see what we've been up to!

recent happenings

Our yearly Missions Disciplers cohort finished up in April and registration for the new cohort is now open! We hope to start it sometime in September.

For six weeks from June to July, we held a Summer Missions Intensive (photo below) in lieu of in-person mission trips and in keeping with our usual tradition of having a multi-week summer event. 7-9 students attended our six-week program where we used MomentumYes curriculum to discuss what it looks like to live on mission. While summer can feel lethargic and it can be hard to encourage students to engage, we were thankful for an energetic, committed, interactive group! 

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