September 30

Phase II Workers

John & Debra Bowen, Gladys Linthicum, Norine Love, Patsy McCarthy, Clarence & Cathy McMullen, David & Angela Morris, Barbara Rahn, Pamela Stedman and Diana Wadsworth.

Luke & Yuko Elliot

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When we first laid out our plan for a three-phase renewal project to the board of the Aomori Christian Center in 2015, it was met with both faint, fluttering hope and with heavy, gloomy skepticism.

Eight years later, by God's grace and many miracles and the sacrificial gifts of God's people, Phase 1 is complete. 

Mary Jane Fandrich

September 27

Thank you, thank you, thank you

God has been gathering others to the field here in Garland, both to visit the people and to reach out with work and employment help.
There is constant call for help: how to get the garbage picked up: simple to us indigenous Texans, but opaque to the language/culture of many immigrants.
Language is a huge block. There is commonly a disconnect between what the mind is thinking culturally, and what the English is communicating spoken by the immigrant.
Food is a wonderful bridge and weather!
Hail stones brought out the neighbors to take pictures and check on cars/ and the opportunity for a visit to check on a family that had not kept contact for English help that they had requested. Because the Gospel is always made available in every meeting, they wanted the connection, but not the Gospel. But hail stones brought us together to share delicious ‘ma’moul’ a particular Lebanese dessert, and offer help and the Gospel for a son who is skipping school. Pray that the spoken scripture, will remain in the mind and heart, and that I will have wisdom in helping to corral the wayward 17 year old truant.
There is the prayer walk every morning, often just before the rain or the heat makes walking
unpleasant. I thank those who have joined me in the tour around the community, praying over the doors of Afghani, Moroccan, Ethiopian, Nigerian, Iraqi, Yemeni peoples!
The field here in Garland/Richardson is vast, but the laborers are few. However, God is bringing young people to come alongside from various churches to visit and witness.
A common regret is often heard: they don’t integrate with our churches/we don’t know how to reach them, what to do?
It is imperative that we go to them where they are, to their homes in genuine friendliness, willing return, patience, and acceptance of the repeated rebuff. The mosque warns them not to associate with Christians because “they will influence you”. Yes, the Holy Spirit will do that. But the immigrant is home sick, and longing for friendship and needing help with small things (like garbage) and language and employment opportunity. The Gospel must always be included with all these contacts. Often it begins with, ‘Jesus Messiah knows you and loves you’. Immediate prayer in Jesus Name can be offered when they pour out their troubles.
You are invited to join me here in Garland to share in the witness to this particular mosque community.
The Lord Jesus knows you and loves you! 

Wayne & Helen Hancock

September 25

Threefold Ministries. We have an important board meeting this Tuesday night. Special prayer would be appreciated for wisdom and discernment.

Mary Jane Fandrich

September 18

Witness to the Love of God in Jesus Christ settles in the heart of the hearer only by the work of the Holy Spirit.

Lately, John 1:29 has settled on my heart for memorizing: “The next day…” Imagine the adrenaline rush. John is again before the gatherings of people whom God has brought to hear John’s witness. “John sees Jesus coming to him…” And it hits him “Behold the Lamb of God Who…….” The One Who lifts off, takes away, makes the ‘heave offering’ as in the old sacrificial
System, “takes away”, the English seems weak. It was used in Arabic to denote paying for, as in ‘I’ve paid for it.’ “takes away the sin of the world”.
John has said so much. It has just poured out of him: “The Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world.”

We may take it lightly, but where God has set me, so many are still stumbling through life in darkness. A place of community near me promotes the ‘Jesus, nice prophet’ story, and denies the Light of the world, Who, if followed removes the darkness, and gives the Light of Life”.
John 8:12. This was the first verse I taught the children in Arabic at the orphanage, and it stuck. Nour , Arabic for light, is a common girls’ name and so the idea resonated. Now surrounded by those who walk in darkness, sometimes it’s discouraging. Encouragement and prayer are the only real work. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers.

The recent disasters in Morocco and Libya offer more opportunity to offer prayer in homes and share the Gospel, praying in Jesus Name. Why do people cling tenaciously to the lies they have been taught when they come to the land the Lord Jesus has blessed by being our foundation? They sometimes react angrily to the proffered truth supplied by Arabic Bible, or sometimes scripture offered in the course of quiet conversation over tea. It is always dangerous to offer the Gospel. Witness the recent resistance in Pakistan and Iran: the same attitudes prevail here in the communities that refuse the Name of Jesus the Messiah.

Thank you again for your prayer and support for those of us who have been placed in difficult places. These places are not a pleasant missions’ trip away. It’s a real battle ground. 

Diane Dadian

September 10

A celebration of Diane's life was held at Calvary Church, 746 Pape Avenue on Saturday, September 9.

Ian Shugart

Sunday sermon

Ian preached at St. Paul's, Ottawa last Sunday. His sermon, as he battles through cancer, is a great encourgment.

Xerggyo and Hil

September 6

We are enjoying our many opportunities of meetings with churches and others here while awaiting our return to T. We are now planning to stay in Mexico until early next year to be sure we have financial support required to get our visa by the T government.

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