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Monday, August 19


Jim Mason, SIM, Challenge Enterprises, Ghana. CEG’s Cinema Today will be 40 years old in Feb 2020. Thank God for souls reached and lives transformed over the decades. May God enable CEG to sustain and grow this aspect of its work to reach many more.


Scott and Beth Hurd

August 15

Thanks to each one of you who has journeyed and prayed with us, particularly over the last few years through Anne's diagnosis and health challenges.

Today, we'd like to introduce you to God's latest little miracle: Miriam Elizabeth Glenn, born to Anne and Coleman on August 6, 2019, just after midnight.

Both Miriam and Anne are doing extremely well, and we give all the credit and glory to God for enabling and sustaining Anne through to Miriam's arrival (peacefully, at home, with Beth there and able to share in this wondrous event)!

Click below for our latest prayer letter with some further details about the event, some small reflections on the sustaining and renewing grace of God, and (just a few!) pictures of all (four!) of our little grand-treasures.

Please join us in giving thanks to God for his goodness! 

Rosemary Walker

August 12

After a few very busy weeks tying up my teaching and life in Montreal for a while, I have landed in at Lake of Bays for about a week and can confirm to you that I can be at Knox Church on Sunday, September 1st. I am not able to hang around for the next weekend as I'd hoped, for I have since been informed that it would be good for me to be on my way to Tanzania on the 5th. The term at Nassa Theological College is to begin on the 9th. I will have one day, the Lord's Day, the 8th, to rest after my travels. :) Never a dull moment.

Thanks to all for your prayers for my work in Montreal and the Lord's leading for my next assignment. One of my students, a widow from Iran, told me last Thursday that she has opened the door to the Lord when/after being my student. Halleluia, and please pray for Fathemeh. 

Mary Jane Fandrich

August 11

She was slim and young, wearing a simple cotton dress, maybe 16, and she said, “Will you buy me a sandwich?”
On this familiar street to the seminary, every shop keeper is cognizant of the passing traffic. Just across was one of the ubiquitous sandwich shops. How much? Meat or cheese? Hot folded bread with cheese was handed out in a piece of paper. She took it from me and disappeared.

Which brings me to the girls who must leave Home of Hope at 18. It is disturbing to wonder what becomes of them on the street, untrained and unwanted. The choices are marriage to a man who is looking for a cheap wife and will take them, or working the street.
So when Home of Hope told me that if I tried to help the girls and provide a safe house for them, I would have to leave Home of Hope, I realized that I had just been handed my walking papers.
Noah George, who had first brought me to Home of Hope said he no longer associates with it, advised me to connect with House of Tenderness (Beit el Hanane) run by a Lebanese family connected to me socially for several years. Following two days of prayer and fasting, they agreed to include me in their staff, and I packed up and moved.

So where’s the pimp? It reminds one of that edgy story tucked incidentally into John’s Gospel. The woman has been ‘caught in the act of adultery’. How do you catch that? The high end religious leaders gathered around (in the temple!) and accosted Jesus. Stoning, stipulated by law. Jesus leans down and writes in the dust. They press for an answer wanting to entangle him. (Wasn’t He the author of the commandments?) That’s not what they’re thinking. Those sticky little questions: the ones who haven’t participated in this sin should throw the first stone? Those high end religious leaders melt away beginning with the oldest.
But what of the woman? Uncondemned, but reorientation of life.

Beit el Hanane receives battered, abused, threatened women and their children. They have agreed to take our castaway girls from the street.
The women are required to accept job training and the children are funded to a local private Christian school. Religious instruction and church is not required, but always on offer. Since the premises is privately owned the requirements for support are limited to food, utilities, upkeep, staff (the paid ones), education and taxes.
The organization is a Lebanese registered NGO.
Sounds simple? Try dealing with women who are frightened, psychologically disoriented, angry, and hopeless. Only God can do it.

An interesting thing happened in the mosque, but that’s another story.

Hanneke Cost Budde

August 11

I am sorry I didn't write sooner but I just needed to rest.... getting older! Not sleeping for 40 hours and the added stresses re. not having my Permit and getting permission to re-enter did not help.
It was so good to get home!! Naomi, Mahona and Jacky, (as well as my dogs), were very glad to have me back.
It was difficult for them to have Jacky come home from school:
Jacky is again having the same problem she had before: swelling of her feet, lots of pain in her lower limbs and right arm. She has trouble walking and uses crutches. I hope to take her to Moshi but I need to go after the kids go back to school. So, mid. September.
I have written the specialist there and once we get there the professor of neurology is going to examine her.

Mahona wanted to go to Uganda to teach a seminar. His priority is however to finish his thesis which has been accepted but still needs quite a bit of work. Also, his studies for this final year are very costly...about 500.000 Sh. each month. During his previous years this amount would cover 3 months! (Also, this trip would cost a lot and no guaranty for his safety.)
Ngassa called me and was with a friend from school at Kananga. He had already used his allowance and said he needed to see his specialist at the hospital to get some pain killer. I asked if he had an infection. No, he just has some pain caused by the metal they put into his knee. No need to pay for a specialist! He uses Ibuprofen. So, I advised him to buy these.
Mahona will visit him on Tuesday and give him some more pocket money.
Today we had a 3-hour service. Margaret came last evening and joined us. She is to leave for the orphanage around 5 pm. 


Gord and Brenda Nickerson

August 7

"In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." (Proverbs 3:6)

Dave and Susan Jeffery

August 7

This is the last week of the CanIL summer session. Susan will be busy returning reserve books to their regular locations, doing a 'shelf read', and many other end-of-term activities. I am retired so haven't been at CanIl, but keep busy with several writing projects.


Hanneke Cost Budde

August 4

I just received the message that Jacky is home again. Her feet are somewhat swollen and she has again quite a bit of pain in her legs.
Naomi is staying with her. I am leaving for Tanzania tomorrow. Please pray I won't have problems returning as I still don't have my residents permit.
I won't get to Tabora until August 9th. 


Xerggyo and Hil

August 1

Finally at home. Today we had the last meeting with our friend who we try to make a partnership to work together in a business.

Pray for us to find the best way to establish in this country. 

Scott and Beth Hurd

August 1

I'm sorry we have been a bit silent recently -- by this point we hoped that we might have news of the arrival of our new granddaughter, but at this point we are still waiting on her to make an entrance!

Things have been quite busy over the past few months, particularly with Beth's new work in the Training and Development department in OMF as we roll out a new Learning Platform, and for Scott in handling a number of projects and covering for one leader who is on leave for three months (returning September 1).

We continue to be deeply thankful for your prayers for us and our family. Anne has done remarkably well through the last few months of pregnancy, and has been feeling quite good recently. We do covet your prayers for a safe, healthy, successful delivery of their new daughter, probably within the next week or so! Beth has gone to be with Anne, Coleman, Samuel, Eleanor, and our new little treasure for six months, beginning on July 8 - so we would also appreciate prayer for those treasured family times (both in person and across the miles).

We give thanks for having a solid birthing plan for this little one, and much better recent conversations with the 'medical establishment' to establish early (and any urgent, if needed) care for Anne and baby.

We'll have a much fuller update to come (with pictures!) shortly, D.V.

With sincere thanksgiving for our partnership together in Christ, 


Mahona Pascal

July 31

I want to thank God for listening to my prayers. He is bringing amazing opportunities to me and I am just so grateful!!

I feel so blessed to people who always take care of me and point me towards the Lord through prayers and support.
I can never thank you enough for all that you always do . You mean the world to me. Can't even imagine my life without all of your support and love!

As a person with albinism, and various challenges I faced to reach my higher level of education, Primary and secondary school life was very difficult to me because nether teachers nor students didn't know the truth about Albinism.

My dream was to help others. Through the love, support and encouragement that people , friends and my mom have been giving me, I am grateful that now I am a scholar in educational settings.

My next big dreams is opening a project that will inspire people with disabilities by making them smile. I want to be the voice of the people with disabilities and I pray that God will make my dreams possible

I believe that my voice will inspire students people with disabilities , Albinism and they will be in a right way of learning. Also teachers and parents will see their role in teaching and taking care of the people with disabilities. In my school life, I used more ears than eyes in the classrooms. I listened careful to what a teacher said and I took lesson notes in the summary form. After the lessons I borrowed an excercise book to copy the actual notes .
I also want to show the world that my disability can't stop me. My disability makes me stronger everyday.

I will probably be graduating a Master of Arts from a University with a double major in Education Management and Planning this year. Tomorrow I am going to pick my thesis from the external examiners band hopefully it has few inputs to redo. I will keep you updated!

I hope to visit all the Universities in Tanzania to speak and encourage my brothers and sisters with disabilities to work hard in education matters.

I presented on the topic based on people with disabilities and I asked the government to let people with disabilities speak by themselves in expressing thier needs and feelings. The current deputy Minister of information, Culture, Arts, and sports , Honorable Juliana Shonza told me it would be better for me to encourage my brothers and sisters to work hard in schools. I hope to speak with all Regional Commissioners and government leaders in Tanzania if they can help people with disabilities/alibinsm to excel in education!

I don't know where I will get fund for this dreams but God is good. He will provide!

Please pray that all will be well.

God bless you all and thank you for being blessings in my life! 

Xerggyo and Hil

July 27

Some local friends have started to help us to get our visa. We will se in a couple weeks how that works out. Conversations are going wonderfully.
Yesterday we had Hil an interview with the director of a school to teach Spanish. Will start in September although there is no contract right now. 


Jim Mason

July 27

Click below for my August prayer bulletin.

Hanneke Cost Budde

July 27

My mom’s funeral went well.
Thanks for your prayers!!!
Jacky went back to school today. I speak with Mfaume and Naomi every day. Once I get back to "cold" Tanzania, I will write more. Here in Holland it is record breaking hot....40.7 C.!!!
Tomorrow I am off to visit my younger brother. Monday, we have to remove all mom's belongings from the nursing home and Wednesday the family is planning a dinner at a hotel as final get together.
The following Monday I am flying home.

Dave and Ranhi

July 26

We are delighted to have fellow Workers (American/British) staying in our home (here in Brampton). “A” and “M” worked with us in India for many years. We are capitalizing on their knowledge of the Indian culture and language (Hindi), and their desire to have a Satsangh (“truth-gathering”) in our home tomorrow (Saturday, July 27), at 6:30 p.m.

We are inviting our H1ndu and S1kh friends (approx. 20) with whom we’ve built a good relationship. We will be gathering Indian style (sitting on the floor) to extol the name of Jezus K_r1st in Indian culture and with Indian music. Only Deepak will be playing the harmonium/tabla; we won’t have the semi-professionals this time).

We will be reading Scripture, sing songs about God, and testify about God’s grace and truth. However, we hope to be able to be clearer with the gospel message. With these particular friends, we feel the time is right to let them know of our need to repent for our sins, and turn to God in and thru the Lord Jezus Khr1st – their hope, and ours. 


Luke & Yuko Elliot

July 25

We have some good news and some very good news from youth camp which began today which we will share in our next update but, first, we ask that you pray for good weather tomorrow as our afternoon program is quite dependent on it, including a planned hike to the top of Moya hill from which we will pray for Aomori Prefecture.

Pastor Nick Renaud

July 15-19th, I had the privilege to attend TEAM’s Refresh conference as a representative of Knox, who partners with TEAM in the Missions Hub and has previously sent such missionaries as Ken & Sylvia Dresser and Gladys Linthicum through TEAM. During the week, it was encouraging to hear updates from missions areas around the world and join in prayer for workers and their ministries, to get to know more about a missions agency Knox partners with, and to hear that many of the questions our church has been working through about the changing nature and face of missions are many of the same questions that organizations like TEAM are wrestling with. New creative ventures, marketplace ministry, North America as a place increasingly in need of missionary presence, the need for diversity in mission, the importance of collaboration, and the changing realities of global cities were all topics of discussion that were familiar to my experience at Knox and encouraged me that the questions we’re asking as a church are leading us in the right direction to continue to have a meaningful and effective evangelical ministry. One of the highlights for me was conversation around “Member Care” – pastoral care of missionaries – which challenged me to think more deeply on how it is that Knox is not only monetarily supporting and praying for those who we send, but how we are actively seeking their growth, discipleship, and wellbeing – especially when they are with us, but also when they’re in their missions area. Pastoral Care for Knox supported missionaries is certainly a topic I would be very happy to discuss with anybody who has thoughts about it!


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