Saturday, February 24

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It was lovely to have the family here with us at Knox for several days in mid-January. They were able to present a fuller picture of their new field of ministry and inform our prayers. Finances are an area of need at this point. More prayer partners to lift up their witness for Christ are always a blessing.

Muriel Lowe

LOWE (Moore), Muriel Olwin
Muriel, originally of Verdun, Montreal, passed away peacefully on February 6, 2024 at Fountain View Care Community in Toronto, Ontario in her 95th year. Beloved wife of the late Jack Lowe (2017). She will be fondly remembered by her stepchildren Gregory Lowe & wife Jane, Michelle, and Darryl. Cherished grandmother to Sophie, Cici, and Samantha. Beloved Aunt to many nieces and nephews. Loving sister to 6 siblings who have all predeceased her.
Muriel will be remembered for her kind spirt, her artistic abilities and her love of family, friends, and her faith at Knox Presbyterian Church in Toronto.
A heartfelt thank-you to the Fountain View staff for their caring support of Muriel. A special thank-you to her friend Norma Ellington for her many years of friendship.
A viewing and funeral will be held on Friday February 23rd at Knox Presbyterian Church, 630 Spadina Avenue in Toronto at 10:00am.
A donation in Muriel’s name to The Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, Knox Presbyterian Church of Toronto or a charity of your choice would be greatly appreciated.
May she rest in peace, and may her memory live on in the hearts of those she touched. 

Hanneke Cost Budde

February 19

I am doing ok but my legs are not as strong as they used to be and I tend to stumble and fall more often. I continue to do my exercises but do not notice a lot of improvement…alas!
I am so grateful that all the kids are doing well. I pray that the Lord will give me time to finish the job and that each of them will walk with Him, and be able to have jobs to support themselves and their future families!
This year we are getting an incredible amount of rain. No one recalls ever seeing so much rain and many homes that were built with low or no foundations ended up getting flooded.
Now that we have established ourselves in Tabora and in the new home we are getting more visitors in need. In the past two weeks I had a lady with twins come a couple of times. The one twin is fine but the other one was pulled out of the womb in a bad way and it has spinal damage. The woman is married . Her husband had a small store but needed to sell everything in order to pay for the delivery of the babies. The child needed to be seen by a specialist and they had no money. So, I helped them out. After seeing the doctor, they were told to have a special chair made for the baby to support her back and head.
Then there was a man around 40 years old, who must have been a strong and tall man but now he looked very weak. He had trouble walking and even standing. He was diagnosed with Brucellosis, a disease that affects the blood and the whole body. It is caused by drinking unpasteurized milk and eating uncooked meat. He needed lots of medicine. The treatment is severe and lasts for several weeks, even months. He gave me the prescription that he was given by the clinic and the price he had to pay.was quite high. I bought him all the meds and paid much less at the pharmacy… He came back yesterday looking much better and stronger but still has a long way to go. The medicines are strong and he needs to have enough to eat so the body can handle these. He cannot work or cultivate so I gave him food aid.
Then a neighbor came to say that her 7-year-old son had been sick for 3 days. The husband is a troubled person and sells green peppers. Not enough income to pay for medical investigations and treatments. The child was very weak, very malnourished and weighed only 14 kg. (My two-year-old grandson weighs 12 + kg!) There were several other people with problems but these three were the most severe cases.
Pray for this ministry as I am no longer able to receive and use work funds for these people. Almost all are from another faith... So, I see this as a great opportunity to minister to them.

Pray for our Tabora Bible school. We have 11 students of whom two are women. They are a delightful group but it is a challenge to teach them as half of the group have not even finished primary school and have problems in comprehending what they are reading/studying.
There are a few other challenges. One student came but during one night he took off with one of the new mattresses from our new Dorm. This was quite shocking for the students as well as the teachers. Then, one of the women, Rahabu, who comes from Mpanda (About 6 to 8 hours from Tabora) received a message that her little 5-year-old girl had died. No one knows why but she had to go home and the pastor went with her. The school has no funds for these emergencies so I helped out.
Some of the students need eye glasses. This means a checkup and getting the right specs. These students are struggling to pay fees and for food. They also needed to make all their own meals. This is very time consuming as they need to clean the rice, beans and vegetables before cooking. The cooking is done over open fires. All this gave the students little time for studying. So, now I pay for a woman to cook their lunch while they take care of the other two meals.
With the rains the road to the school and entrance to the school are washed out. One cannot get into the school by vehicle.
Please pray for all these challenges and for these students who want to learn the Bible and spread the Good News.

My kids are doing well! God is good! Faraja, the youngest, will finish Secondary school this November as well as Jacqueline who is now "Mama Daniel" after having her delightful baby, who is now a handful! He definitely makes us laugh a lot with his antics!
Kiri is doing very well in her animal health studies and has started her second year. Next week she is to go to Morogoro for field work. Pray for safety as she travels by bus, 6 to 8 hours and for a safe arrival at the place where she is to do her field work.
Baraka is in Form 5 and hopes to finish High school next year. He is wanting to get into some kind of Government job...we will see.
Mfaume [photo below] hopes to finish his Pharmaceutical studies this year and I expect he will do well as all his marks are now very good!
Ngassa is still struggling to find his niche. He is good at fixing printers and other office equipment but he still needs one more course in qualifying for a permanent job with a company.
Mahona is coming home to stay for a while during his internship as a teacher at a Secondary school in Tabora town. I am very excited about this as he will be safe staying at home and the school is not far. (Albino's are still being persecuted). Margreth is now a mama herself while running the orphanage just outside town, where Mahona works as well. The kids will miss him and he will feel bad about leaving them as he really loves them. But I am happy that he finally gets the chance to prove himself as a qualified teacher at a Secondary school! 

Carluci dos Santos

February 18

I am in Brazil and returning to Canada this Friday February 16th. I came to join my family and friends to celebrate the life and ministry of my dad, 90 years old now. He's still in good health and praying for people. My dad has had an evangelist and healing prayer ministry. I'm adding some pictures. You'll see him, two of my siblings and a few of my dad's great grandchildren.) It was a very happy celebration.

While traveling to Brazil, I took the opportunity to bring down 100 solar radios with bible recordings, sermons and songs in the Ticuna language. I have kept these with me for nearly two years waiting for the opportunity to bring them to Brazil. The Ticuna people live in the Amazonian region of Colombia and Brazil in particular. It was impossible to ship then to Colombia because of Colombian Customs restrictions. It was ok to bring them to Brazil. The Customs officer did ask me what those were. I told him the truth: "I am a missionary and these are audio bibles in the Ticuna language." He just let me go without further questions. I shipped them to the YWAM base in Tabatinga, Amazon, Brazil. The radios will be handed over to Colombian missionary Carlos Gómez who works with the Ticuna people in Leticia, Colombia. Tabatinga and Leticia are twin cities across the border of Brazil and Colombia. I'll send some more updates when they get the radios. It will take about 30 business days before these radios arrive there.

Thirdly, on February 5th we began a new cycle of training leaders for the Langham bible expository circles in Canada and we have 7 diaspora leaders (Portuguese and Spanish speaking) taking the training. There will be 5 sessions in total, for five consecutive Mondays.

Fourthly, my onboarding with the United World Mission is going well. I feel very welcome, blessed, supported and loved by the organization. This week I joined an online UWM orientation with three other new missionaries who are also joining UWM and who will be going to Asia in the near future. The atmosphere, kindness, vision, commitment to godliness confirm the decision to join UWM. In March, we'll be joining a strategic team in Costa Rica to look at theological education and leadership development in Latin America.

I am still working on my fundraising. I have had to start all over again. You know that No missionary can serve anywhere without the prayer and financial support of those behind him or her. So, I continue to count on your prayers and financial support as members of my ministry team. I know I am not alone. We are called together. 

Ann Chow

February 9

I’m at the Phuket, Thailand airport on my way to Bangkok for a couple of days, and then home.

Great to work in-person for 5 days with the Indigenous team. We’re getting #HACK2024 going again, with new team members. Fun getting to know the new members, work, eat great food and relax a bit too.

Seoul 2024 
Lausanne staff were also with us, which was helpful as my area of responsibility on the program team heavily relies on them to make our plans a reality. Good to discuss our needs with them too.

Now to rest up in Bangkok for a couple of days.

Thanks for your prayers! Pray for safe travels home. 

Hanneke Cost Budde

February 6

Here all is going well. This week I have fundies over to build another tower for to put up a 150 liter solar tubes water heater. I was able to save money to buy this. I don't think I could afford it in Canada. I am always so impressed with these fundies!
I had already one put on the small house which has been a great blessing for 2 years. They should last for many years and saves on lots of electricity and gas.

Baraka was having stomach problems but is doing better. Going to boarding school during the week and coming home on weekends seems to help.

Kiri is doing government exams and after this she is going to Morogoro for 7 weeks of field work. Pray for her to do well and for safety on busses and finding a place to stay during that time.

On the 20th I am going to Dar for an AIM women's conference for just over a week. The conference is 4 days but to connect with a flight to Tabora makes it longer. It will give me time to maybe meet with Mfaume and Ngassa and do some shopping.

Elizabeth Matthias

February 2

Returning thankful from a wonderful home service in Philadelphia last August, it was impossible to anticipate what the Lord had in store next…! Beyond the expected—any counselees to catch up with, as well as new requests for counseling to follow up on—were numerous requests to be mentored in counseling! Within a few weeks the number of mentees increased from six to 17—including five young men! Several young people in the church have been drawn to come alongside others who are hurting, to bear burdens together, to strengthen others in Christ and are seeking more wisdom to do so! The harvest is ripe, and the workers are increasing…! In answer to the need, in a further wonderful providence, Jim Newheiser (of IBCD) came to Stuttgart mid-September to lecture on the practice of biblical counseling—bringing video-taped counseling sessions along (subtitled in German)! Armed with these, as well as having mentees sit in on my own counseling sessions, during the Fall I set about bringing new mentees up to speed with the others in crash courses on Saturdays. This year we are meeting on the second Saturday of the month to consider the principles and practice of biblical counseling and to watch a video or two. Furthermore, they are to practically apply this in a personal self-counseling project; a prerequisite to counseling is surely to crucify one’s own idolatries. Please pray for the Spirit to guide, reveal and conquer each of our hearts more deeply. It is exciting, if at times daunting, to lead this good group of mentees (from five different churches in Munich) to be adequately equipped! Your prayers for the Lord’s love and discernment, and wisdom and strength are much needed! It is truly a work of the Spirit, from beginning to end!

Our counselees are coming from all walks of life – some are new believers, some long-time church attendees, some helped relatively quickly, and with some we wrestle together for a couple of years… In these days, of ongoing battle after Christ’s defeat of Satan and before His glorious return, after “D-Day” yet still before “V-Day”, there are also “casualties”. Not all are helped. U & A divorced last year (both left our church, one left the country) and J & V dropped off my radar… However, with A & E, we see the Spirit moving, even though they’re ostensibly still heading for a divorce (A and his children are greatly growing in Christ, to impact E…?). Pray E may still be recaptured to Christ to spare her more suffering, as well as the family’s. R & M are growing ever closer to Christ and one another, and last year two children made clear commitments to the Lord so that the whole family now walks with Him! The Spirit has brought about beautiful changes so we are encouraged to trust there will be full reconciliation of the marriage – as you help us with your prayers. M, the gifted man working a deadline-oriented job, is abandoning the fear of burnout, to trust Christ in the crucibles, to rest by faith—increasing in hope, joy and determination! W, living in the presence of Christ more consciously, is facing fears of intimidation and intimacy, making concrete progress in threatening relationships. Understanding her personal battle, she is steadily gaining ground! Pray also for GB, a former gang leader whose wife is no longer walking with Christ, and who is suffering one dramatic challenge after another, especially with his son who despairs of life. He is learning how to respond wisely and gently, and not to live in fear. L, a brilliant young woman who has never known love, has been drawn closer to God, but still harbors a volcano of hatred in a mind-deadening job. M, recently coming out of the chaos of her world (her siblings are from two men not her father) is reordering her mind through truth and wisdom in Christ, visibly growing in the love of Christ in our church—she’ll be baptized next month! Still others are challenged by autism, long-Covid, chronic disease, past failures, panic attacks, depression, OCD, etc. What devastation sin and suffering produces! What a glorious victory our Savior applies through His Spirit, in the reordering and filling of our lives with all Christ’s blessings—what a joy and privilege to see this worked out in individual lives! “Post-traumatic growth” (now that’s a biblical concept!)—is possible in Christ! Please pray that the Spirit will apply God’s grace for redemptive growth in us all—to God’s glory and for our joy and freedom!
The foundation of all this movement of the Spirit takes place within the broader context of what the Lord is doing in our church—over 50 nations drawn together! This year, in home Bible studies, our church is reading through Mark Dever and Jamie Dunlop’s book, The Compelling Community: Where God’s Power Makes a Church Attractive, to consciously understand and follow the Spirit in binding us together in God’s love, far beyond our natural inclinations. May we be brought to greater unity to let our increasingly polarized world know the love of God for us in His Son. It’s already been thrilling to see a steady flow of newcomers to the Discovering Christ (Christianity Explored) classes held three times a year. Last year, also because of the course, we celebrated 17 baptisms! Next month, on the 18th, we’ll be holding another baptismal service. Last year we also experienced a net growth of 35 members, and a new church is now being planted by one of our pastors, Jonathan de Oliveira, with fellow MTW missionaries (Ben & Anna Graber). FeG Munich South held their first service in a Greek restaurant January 21st, with the next service on February 18th—with plans to begin regular services at Easter. Approximately 30 members of our church will be leaving to start the new church. Even though two other churches were planted the last seven years, we’re running out of space in our morning services. A building change, be it a major renovation or a move, has become more pressing—and has been an issue of prayer for many years already. The Munich International Community Church (MICC), meeting Sunday afternoons in our building and now pastored by another MTW missionary (Dr Luke Stannard, with his wife Michelle), is also experiencing solid growth. Thank God with us that He is calling many in Munich to Himself, and pray with us, that many more will hear the call of the Gospel in this present darkness—that we will make more disciples in the power of the Spirit, living out and bringing on the fulfillment of God’s promises to Abraham.

A new learning opportunity for church goers has opened this year through the Martin Bucer Seminary (MBS) on Monday evenings, beginning with the topic “Soteriology” and taught by the MICC pastor/MTW missionary. I’m thrilled and am attending with as many mentees and counselees as I can encourage, for us all to grow in the knowledge of God together. Additional teaching is certainly necessary for the breadth and depth of issues counselees are facing! To that end I’ll also be traveling to England March 11th through 17th with four mentees to attend a conference on Loss offered through Biblical Counseling UK. BCUK has been training lay counselees effectively for a decade and we are looking to benefit from their work, as well as seeking God for our counseling here. Your prayers are so appreciated!

And now about my personal call to evangelism among my German relatives north of Bremen, in the Teufelsmoor (devil’s moor). Early September a dear, but so fearful, aunt (my mom’s sister-in-law) passed away, likely without Christ, after I’ve shared the Gospel there for 44 years. I grieved, with hope for the living. Surprisingly, two cousins immediately decided to spend Christmas in Calgary with Mom, with whom they are very close—though they’ve never visited Canada. The four relatives were urgent in their invitation for me to join them—which I did, though I thought I was due for a rest! In God’s strange providence Mom briefly went into hospital 18 hrs before we flew, though for the whole of our stay. Ok… The steady downpour causing severe flooding in northern Germany contrasted sharply with one of the warmest and sunniest Christmases in Calgary! The huge, illumined cross of a church near the Airbnb where my relatives stayed, declared to all the Author of our abundant blessings: so much love and joy at six events with my brother’s family (all were home, and many had never met the relatives), at Banff and Lake Louise (up the gondola to meet some skiing and snowboarding family), our city skiing at COP, in my brother’s church (Mom’s car was out of commission!), up the Tower, viewing Christmas lights, and even in the hospital! Love and joy overwhelmed the sorrow and my relatives returned, changed by a new perspective on life from the one they had known—which seems to have taken root. May the Spirit bring them, together with others in the Teufelsmoor to know Christ! May revival come there—and throughout Germany—to take over our land, as you help us with your prayers!

Dominic Trimboli

It is with great sadness I inform you of the sudden passing of our brother in Christ, Dom Trimboli on Tuesday, January 23. Please uphold Marie, Kim, David, Mia, Marcus and Avery and the entire Trimboli and Nemeth family in prayer at this sad time. May the peace of Christ comfort them all.
Dom and Marie formerly worshipped at Knox [presently at Clairlea Presbyterian] and remain generous prayer and financial supporters of many KWM workers .

Xerggyo and Hil

January 30

We are doing well, just preparing everything again because the travel to Europe is very soon.
Thanks the Lord everything is going normal. Will travel on February 8th by bus from our home town to DF because flying is too expensive plus tax.
Will be an intensive training with others Team Leaders around the globe (Spanish speaking).

It is very cold here (8 C).  

Mary Jane Fandrich

January 26

Compassion and comfort vs. Fear and struggle

We who know Jesus and are immersed in scriptures like

Psalm 103:4, or II Corinthians 1:3 have no idea of the struggle with life that the Islamic immigrant has. The repeated prayers, the conscious awareness of the two angels on the right and left keeping count of good vs. bad deeds, the subliminal desire to refuse who Jesus is, rob the Muslim of the joy and freedom of life. If confronted with the salvation and peace of Jesus Messiah and the hopelessness of Islam, anger and fury often erupts, and outright rejection of the message and the messenger.

Reading !! Corinthians this week about sharing the sufferings of Jesus, it made me wonder what it was like to have his family accost him with the appraisal of madness and try to bring him home, or of not being able to return to Nazareth where, following his witness in the synagogue, his people tried to throw him off the cliff.

Are we aware that we live in perilous times? Our nation, robbed of the scriptures and prayer in our schools for the last 59+ years, has made a change in the character of our people. Wars keep erupting with amazing continuity.

AND our only assignment is “Follow Me”, and bear witness to the TRUTH by Whom we live and move and have our being, He is alive and advocates for us with the Father, and above all gives us the Holy Spirit within us to ‘cheer and to guide’. 

Hanneke Cost Budde

January 24

Please pray for Baraka! I received a call that he has fever and lost consciousness. I took him to emerge. No Malaria but high fever. They are investigating the problem. He regained consciousness and we talked a bit. He is very tired. Thanks for your prayers!
Hi again. Baraka is at home. They couldn't figure out what he has/had. His fever is down but he is tired. I am keeping him home for observation. His white blood cells are down and I bought him good multi vitamins. He did do well in his exams and got div. 2. Will keep you posted on how he is doing. Thanks for your prayers!

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